Warehouse Fire Was Source of ‘Putrid’ Odor in California

The lawsuit claims that for a week following the fire, neighbours living along the river had no idea what was causing the odour. The fire’s origin was a topic of discussion among local authorities. “Leaking pipeline” was the explanation given by Carson Mayor Lula Davis-Holmes in early October.

There were no “physical resources” or “helping hands” for Monique Alvarez, 40, who lives within a “30-second jog” from the waterway, she claimed in an interview on Sunday.

We had no solutions at the moment,” Ms. Alvarez admitted, adding that her children had welts and a hard time breathing when they first fell asleep.

“One day felt like an eternity,” she stated of her time spent here.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reported “extremely low quantities of hydrogen sulphide” in the air a week after the fire broke out. The department stated the odours were “sufficiently widespread” and encouraged people to obtain air filters, shut their windows and doors, and keep their dogs indoors for two days after the incident.

LA County paid for hotel rooms for 3,400 families, a representative for the Department of Public Works said, adding that 40,000 air purifiers were also distributed to those in need.

According to Mr. Lee, the county had spent $54 million in these attempts and emergency measures to reduce the channel’s stink as of last week.

According to the South Coast Air Quality Management District, Liberty Properties Limited Partnership and its parent firm, Prologis Inc., own the warehouse. This building was also used by Virgin Scent and Day to Day Imports, both of which store health and beauty products, according to the air quality district.