5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Social media is no longer just a way to stay in touch with distant friends and family to make nosy relatives jealous of your luxurious vacation or stay trendy. With expanding users and increasing areas of reach, it has become a central part of business marketing.

Social media has opened new doors for small and big businesses, taking them overseas and blurring national and international boundaries. 


Social media marketing is the new era of marketing, helping large and small brands gain better visibility, reach more consumers, and develop a brand personality. Apart from absolute commercial gains, one can connect with the consumer. 

Given these numerous benefits and immense potential, old and established brands such as Adidas, Nike, Louis Vuitton, and others spend millions on social media marketing across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik-Tok, among others.

However, with changing trends, times, and algorithms, one needs to stay updated and evolve their social media strategy to

 beat the tough competition from rival brands and increase engagement on social media.

If you are still not convinced, here are five reasons your business needs social media marketing. 

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1) Increase Your Visibility and Awareness

Imagine having a small store in Florida that is quite popular among your target audience. However, you want to increase the reach and awareness of your store without much investment. It is where social media marketing steps in. 

It will help your small store go global with the millions of users present today on various platforms. Your products will be able to reach more interested customers and increase sales and leads.

Apart from this, it helps create a brand identity. People recognize your brand’s “aesthetic” and specific niche. H&M is known for its streetwear aesthetic, whereas Louis Vuitton is synonymous with class.

2) Enhance Communication

A presence on social media also helps customers connect with you better. Going by the example quoted above, if someone comes across your page and has doubts about size, colors, or availability, they can easily contact you. They might leave a comment or direct message or whatever they find convenient. It will increase engagement on Instagram.

It helps consumers grow closer to your brand by building trust, thus attracting more customers. 

3) Helps you Understand Your Audience.

Communication is the key in every relationship. You must communicate to understand your target audience, and their changing needs and preferences better. Social media is the perfect channel to facilitate this conversation.

You can put up polls asking questions and inviting opinions. Simultaneously, you can understand them by analyzing their social media activity. Many brands have been able to ace their games by including trends in their merchandise.

At the post, there was an incline towards covid-customized merchandise. Thus, multiple brands began manufacturing clothes, shoes, jeans, etc., with the same theme, thereby boosting sales.

4) Asserting Authority

The bigger the sea, the greater the danger. In this new-age fashion era, multiple brands come up rivaling old and established brands, and there are high chances of scams. However, consumers are becoming increasingly precautious. 

They look up your brand on various platforms and then decide. Thus, social media marketing also helps you stand out against your rivals.

Constantly updating, posting, and having trendy profiles is a central step of social media marketing that makes your brand appear more credible than others. You must communicate about your products, their quality, your brand story, etc. This is vital to building a base of loyal consumers.

5) Collaborate With Other Businesses

Remember the Nike Dior x Air Jordans? These are two popular and well-established ‘global’ brands. However, if you also wish to do the same, then social media is the perfect medium. You can connect with multiple other brands belonging to the same niche or maybe even different ones to launch new products that can interest the consumers of both brands. 

It is a very creative and effective step in popularizing your brand and establishing a strong identity. 


Different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook keep suggesting similar accounts and people you can connect with. You can leverage this feature to take your business a step ahead.

Social media advertising is not just a strategy today but a full-blown profession employing top players in the game. It is the wide reach of social media and the constant need to increase engagement on social media that has necessitated the need for a professional in this field. 

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Apart from this, running an online business saves the cost of running a physical shop, thus maximizing profit. 

Changing trends, needs, and ideas all work together to help build or demolish a brand. Because someone decided to use the power of social media, many small businesses that started in a room are now run from factories.

Thus social media marketing is not just an option but a necessity.