The Best Online SIM Card Tracker for Phone

An app called SIM card tracker can be used to locate a phone that is utilising that SIM card. Using this SIM card tracking programme, you can also find out a lot of information about the individual who is using that card.

When the phone is stolen or lost, this software can be a lifesaver. Because all of your phone’s information is stored online in your account with this app provider, you can access it at any time and see where it is at all times.

SIM Card Tracker


When Using Snoopza’s SIM Card Tracker, What Information Can You Learn?

Snoopza, the best SIM card tracking app, lets you keep tabs on the SIM card’s current and historical location, as well as its duration and time of calls, messages in SMS and MMS format, phone numbers in the phonebook, and the SIM card’s location, as well as documents, photos, videos, and other multimedia files and images sent or received via the SIM card, contact information, and websites.

Because it gives you access to so many options, Snoopza is the finest app for tracking SIM cards because it not only lets you keep tabs on the target SIM card but also provides detailed information on the tablet or phone on which the SIM card was used.

What Is the Process of Using a GPS Tracker?

With Snoopza, you can keep tabs on the position of the SIM card in a certain device while also tracking the actual SIM card to determine where the phone is being used. If the owner of a certain phone attempts to swap out the SIM card, you’ll be notified right away.

You’ll find this information in your phone’s user panel. Even if the phone’s SIM card is changed, Snoopza can still track the phone. For example, Snoopza can substantially aid in the search for your missing Android device, smartphone, tablet. Even if the thief hides your devices, you can still track them.

The Snoopza SIM Card Tracker Uses

Snoopza’s SIM card tracking app may be activated in a matter of minutes by following two simple steps:

If you don’t already have an account on, you’ll need to create one for free. Using your online account, you can now download and install this free SIM card tracker on the target device.

You can use your account to start tracking and recording all the information provided by the target phone as soon as this software is installed on it.

Is There a way to prevent my SIM card from being tracked by a third-party service?

You may find it useful to use a SIM card tracker to find a local restaurant or gas station, but it may also allow others to acquire information about your position and the use of the device.

For example, the GPS radio on your phone, a WiFi hotspot, and wireless signals from the cell tower can all be utilised legally or illegally to find out where your rental is located.

A SIM card tracking app can be used to prevent the tracking of your Android device by blocking the methods outlined above in a few simple steps.

1. Airplane Mode 

You can disable your device’s WiFi and cellular radios by activating Airplane Mode. Your phone’s Wi-Fi and mobile communications will be disconnected from their networks when you activate Airplane Mode.

 2. Turn Off the GPS Radio

It’s possible to configure a phone’s GPS radio as part of its location privacy settings, while in others, it’s independent.

Disabling your phone’s GPS radio prevents its position tracking mechanism from working, therefore the location of your phone cannot be determined. Turning on Airplane mode disables GPS on some phones.

3. Remove Location Services 

Disabling location services on your Apple iPad or iPhone will cease the tracking of your device. On the Settings page of the device, pick Privacy and then locate Location Services, which is used by a number of apps. This feature can be turned off for certain apps or all apps, depending on your preferences.

Android users can stop Google’s location history and location reporting by selecting a location in the Settings tab of Android devices.

Google Now, for example, uses these capabilities to provide information about your current location, as well as information about your past, whenever you need it. Your location history can also be deleted from your smartphone.

Keep in mind that if you disable location services, some vital apps, such as Google Maps, won’t work since they can’t function without access to your location. Still, if your privacy is in jeopardy, you can turn it off.

4. Turn Off Your Phone

Turning off your smartphone is the simplest approach to prevent its position from being tracked.

While you won’t be able to do anything with your phone, you will be able to stop it from tracking your whereabouts. You can back up your phone’s data on your PC before shutting it down if you think you might need it in the future.

Is It Possible for a SIM Card to Track a Phone’s Location?

Yes, Snoopza’s SIM card tracking software can assist you find your phone’s position using your phone’s SIM card. Wi-Fi hotspots and network towers can be used by this app to track your phone’s location.

Despite the fact that you may have changed the SIM card in your phone, you may still use it to browse the internet, make and receive phone calls, and send and receive text messages with this app.

It also keeps track of the phone’s number, any text messages that were sent, and other details about the user’s identity.


The finest online SIMcard monitoring programme for phones like Snoopza can be used to locate a stolen or misplaced Android phone, tablet, or other device.