What Is Windows Setup Remediation (KB4023057)

In today’s environment, everyone is completely informed and knowledgeable of all technologies. Anyone purchasing a new phone or laptop should look for an updated version. Windows 10 is a new and updated version of a gadget that is now available. And if you’re one of the many Windows 10 users, this post is for you.

If you like to keep your laptop up to date with the latest edition, you’ve probably seen a new programme called Windows Setup Remediation on your computer (KB4023057). This programme will be found in your device’s installed programme list, which can be found in the settings option, and the installation date of this programme will be extremely recent.


This is neither a new nor an updated software. It instals itself in your device without your knowledge because it does not appear during the installation of the window. Another perplexing aspect is that this application does not include the name of any vendor, therefore it is unclear whether it is a virus, Trojan, or anything else.

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What Is KB4023057 (Windows Setup Remediation)?

If you’re one of the customers who’s afraid about the Windows Setup Remediation (KB 23057) update in your device, don’t be. It’s not a virus, and it won’t harm your computer in any way.

It’s a valid Windows Update of some sort. It may be unfamiliar to some users, and it may have been installed on your device without your knowledge, but it poses no risk to your device. This is a Windows maintenance stack update that may bring improved dependability.

This update includes a number of files and other resources that can help you solve your problem and make the Windows 10 update process go smoothly on your device. It will not only improve the quality of your device’s Window installation, but it will also help it work more smoothly and seamlessly.

The Windows Setup Remediation (KB4023057) update will have no effect on your device, but it will aid in the enhancement of your device’s programmes.

This tool will set and correct a variety of file issues, adjust network settings so that your device receives the best networks, and fix other difficulties that may obstruct the installation of Windows on your device. Not only that, but while updates are being installed, this programme will keep your device awake.

This update or programme is installed automatically in your device before or during the installation of Windows in order to bring good modifications to your device. This programme is also available in the Windows Store and the Windows Update Components.

So, if you’re scared about this update or software, don’t be. It’s not hazardous to your device, and it’ll address all of your problems.

Should I Remove Windows Setup Remediation (KB4023057) ?

The majority of consumers are unsure whether or not to remove this update from their smartphone.

As a result, you can delete it. It is not a problem if you delete this update from your device, but it is recommended that you do not do so because it is for the dependability of Windows Update and will resolve all of your concerns.

Furthermore, if you delete or uninstall this programme or update all at once from your device, it will be reinstalled in the next update. Some users expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation.

As a result, you won’t be able to avoid it because it will be installed on your device automatically on the next update. It will be given and installed on your device again without fail.

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All users are urged to read the preceding article attentively in order to gain a thorough understanding of the update.

It is evident from the preceding article that Windows Setup Remediation (KB4023057) is not dangerous to your device; therefore, you have the option of keeping it or deleting it, as it will be automatically installed in your device’s next updates.