7 Best Encryption Software for Windows

Our computers serve as the storage facility for our important files and data in the modern world. These data are constantly at risk of being lost, compromised, or seen by an unauthorised or undesirable person.

Therefore, you must use encryption software to encrypt your data in order to protect it. The Top 10 Encryption Software for Windows OS available in 2022 is listed below.

Encryption Software

Windows stores your data in discs in an open manner without encryption, making it very easy for anyone to access your private or sensitive information. You could lose your files and folders forever if this results in hacking or data theft. To prevent your files and papers from being taken and used improperly, you need encryption software. To remember the passwords, you might also need a password manager.

Any file or data can be converted into secret codes using encryption software, which enables you to protect the original information from prying eyes and hands. Using appropriate keys, only the user may decrypt encrypted data.

Top 10 Windows Encryption Software

The top ten encryption programmes available on the market are those that are listed below. These are the best tools for aiding in the construction of a wall to protect your private information and data.

1. DiskCryptor

For Windows full-disk encryption, there is free software available called DiskCryptor. Since it is open-source software, anyone can access it. While most other applications can only encrypt files or folders, this software enables you to encrypt your entire hard disc or separate hard disc partitions.

A computer-connected external storage device can also be encrypted using DiskCryptor’s assistance.

Information About DiskCryptor

  • Creates cloud backup
  • Complete disc encryption
  • Transfers files securely
  • Encrypts external devices, including USB drives, CDs, and DVDs.
  • Opening licence ( GNU GPLv3)

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  • both internal and external devices are encrypted
  • can simultaneously encrypt multiple partitions.
  • extremely compact download size
  • supports suspending encryption so that you can restart your computer or move the drive to another one.
  • Drive mounting and dismounting can be done quickly by using personalised keyboard keys.
  • works with RAID volumes and dynamic discs.
  • When a user logs off, it can automatically unmount volumes.
  • to create encrypted CDs and DVDs by encrypting ISO images



  • has some serious flaws.
  • There aren’t many assistance documents or files.
  • The last update was in 2014.



2. 7-Zip

This encryption application is well-known because it not only encrypts data but also helps you compress them. It can reduce the size of files by 2–10% more than other software. 7-Zip is quite straightforward, simple to use, and even more pleasant to understand. You may password-protect your files and folders with 7-Zip.

Information About 7-Zip

  • User-friendly
  • easy interface
  • free tool
  • Tool for High Compression
  • Opening licence ( GNU GPLv3)
  • able to decrypt or retrieve data

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  • Strong encryption for archives, as well as compatibility with leading cloud storage and social media platforms for proper encryption when sharing files.
  • features a completely updated user interface that is incredibly simple to use.
  • a zipping service that is far faster than the built-in Window tool.
  • For users of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Large email attachments can be compressed and sent using the ZipSend function.
  • Microsoft Word to PDF conversion
  • Make self-extracting ZIP archives. As a result, no utility is required by the recipient of the files to extract them.



Some online storage platforms, like Box and iCloud, are not available.
It’s pretty pricey.



3. Bitlocker

Only some versions of Microsoft Windows are compatible with this full volume encryption programme. It is simple to use and can quickly encrypt whole drives or hard disc sectors. With the help of this software’s strong encryption tools, you can completely protect your files and folders from hackers.

Information About Bitlocker

  • encrypt the outside devices
  • Put encryption in place on the hard drive.
  • allows for both disc and file encryption
  • data before boot
  • Simple to remember PINs and passwords
  • Licence – Windows

4. Cryptainer LE

Free encryption software with a very small file size is called Cryptainer LE (448 bits). The software is simple and simple to use.

On the hard drive, Cryptainer LE creates tiny (100 MB) encrypted “vaults” or drives. According to your needs, you can add, remove, or edit data in or from these vaults.

Passwords can be used to further strengthen the security surrounding your data.

Information About Cryptainer LE

  • is able to encrypt external devices
  • Password-protected
  • Compatible with any Windows PC
  • Licence Freeware

5. CryptoForge

Software for encryption called CryptoForge is incredibly strong and effective. is really easy to install, and much easier to use. A file can be immediately encrypted by simply clicking on it. Then, all you need to do is choose “encrypt” and type a password. Using this software, you can also shred or decrypt files.

Although it encrypts information more slowly and takes longer than typical applications, it offers significantly more secure encryption that is incredibly difficult to break. Although it works with certain other operating systems, Windows 10 is the best option.

Information About CryptoForge

  • concurrent use of several encryptions
  • shredder for documents (built-in)
  • accommodate huge files
  • Integrated compression tool
  • is able to encrypt the file name.
  • a command-line environment

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  • It’s simple to install and use CryptoForge.



  • Encrypting files requires time.



6. Gpg4win

It is the best application programme for encrypting emails, chats, and other types of communications in addition to files and folders. You can encrypt your emails or files using the public-key encryption mechanism it offers. You are given a public key and a personal key; you can share the public key with others to grant them secure access to the encrypted data.

It is a fairly sophisticated piece of software ideal for both private and business use. Using this software, you can compress files and folders as well.

Information About Gpg4win

  • The encryption tool is GnuPG.
  • Manager of certificates, Kleopatra
  • Available plug-in for Microsoft Outlook (GpgOL)
  • Available plug-in for Microsoft Explorer
  • Another certificate manager is GPA.
  • Licence – Freeware

7. CryptoExpert 8

One of the top encryption tools for your Windows PC is CryptoExpert 8. A premium version is available for corporations and businesses, while a completely free version is available for users at home.

You can construct a vault with this software and store all of your crucial files and folders in it. It supports all types of data, and you can always back up the information stored in these vaults.

Additionally, you are always free to add, remove, or change any of the files inside the vault to suit your needs.

Information About CryptoExpert 8

  • easy to use interface
  • tiny size
  • large-sized vault (10 GB or more).
  • There are other encryption algorithms to choose from, including BLOWFISH, CAST, 3DES, and AES-256.
  • There are countless vaults.
  • suitable for Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • Keys may be safely kept on a USB drive that is Master password-protected.
  • Free or paid licence.

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  • secures the storage of delicate files. simple to use dual-factor verification



  • Secure deletion is absent. showed a few strange error warnings throughout testing.



 Use BitLocker to Encrypt Hard Drives

With the help of the BitLocker Drive Encryption function in Windows 10, you can encrypt your hard drive and keep your private and sensitive data safe from prying eyes.

Here are the steps to use BitLocker to enable encryption on your hard drive.

Step 1: To access the Power User shortcut, press Windows key + X.

Step 2: Choose Control Panel in step two.

Step 3: Select System and Security.

Step 4: Choose BitLocker Drive Encryption in.

Step 5: Select the BitLocker toggle switch.

Step 6: Choose how to access or unlock your disc in step 6: Insert a USB flash disc or enter a password. (To continue, select For the sake of this guide, enter a password.)

Step 7: Type in your preferred password. Make certain to select a robust password.

Step 8: Various options for saving a recovery key will be shown after this. such as storing to a USB flash drive, Microsoft Account, Publish to a File, Write the recovery down.

Step 9: Select the appropriate choice, then click Next.

Step 10: Click Next after choosing the appropriate encryption method from the New Encryption mode and Compatible mode options.

Step 11: Select Continue after checking the Run BitLocker system check box.

Step 12: Start the encryption process by restarting your computer.

Step 13: After the reboot, step 13 is to enter the password.

The size of the drive affects how long it takes to finish the encryption procedure. When the procedure is finished, the drive will display a lock icon. By doing so, it can be confirmed that BitLocker is enabled and the drive is securely encrypted.

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Last Words

These days, protecting your sensitive and important data is imperative, especially when it is stored on your laptops and tablets. There’s a chance that the wrong people could get their hands on your files. You must thus use encryption software to safeguard them.

However, there are situations when only encrypting data is insufficient; make sure you also protect it with one or more passwords. To ensure that your data is safe and secure, use any of the software mentioned above.