How To Fix ‘PS4 Won’t Turn On’ Error Guide

You may be experiencing a little problem with your PS4 or you may be experiencing glimpses of the afterlife. Regardless of the cause, it’s almost always a result of faulty hardware or software.

After a while, the PlayStation 4 shuts itself off by itself. ‘ It might happen in as little as five minutes, or it could take hours. The closer it gets to the dreaded blue light, the faster it shuts down.

PS4 Won't Turn On

PS4 Won’t Turn On 

Psygnosis’ “Blue Glow of Death” on the PlayStation is a pulsating blue light from the system. No video or audio output from the PS4 can be detected. The PS4 may already be turning itself off when it does this.

As a result, we must address two issues at once. If your PS4 won’t switch on or stay on, you’ll need to apply the same fixes. As a warning, a blue light illuminates across the console’s body.

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How To Fix a PS4 That Won’t Turn On

Similar problems have been reported by a large number of PlayStation 4 owners. A quick push of the PS4 power button starts and stops the device instantly. Alternatively, it simply does not power on.

You may already be hearing a beep and seeing a blue light on your game console. Sometimes, however, nothing happens. Often, these issues appear out of nowhere, and there are a variety of plausible explanations.

Similarly, corrupted software or firmware may be to blame. It could be caused by altering games, the console, or simply by chance.

Your PS4’s hard disc may be corrupted, which would explain the problem. System software is stored on the storage device, thus it cannot be started. After a power outage, physical damage, or hundreds of hours of operation, it can become unstable.

There is a unique problem with HDMI syncing that has to be addressed. It’s a simple matter of resolving the issue. In most cases, you’ll need the help of an expert if it doesn’t work.

The same is true for damage to your power supply, which might occur as a result of a power outage, physical damage, water intrusion, or other factors.

A malfunctioning cooling system could be to blame for your PS4 overheating. Thus, your console was able to operate at high temperatures for a lengthy period of time before it was damaged. You may find that your console’s air intake or exhaust is clogged with dust.

The interior components may lose their grip over time due to weak soldering. The weak soldering of internal components is the most common source of this problem. Overheating and hard drive damage might also result from this.

Unfortunately, the problem is as simple as removing the dust from the switch. It’s possible that a buildup of dust is preventing the switch from making touch with the rest of the system.

This is a difficult issue that necessitates thoughtful answers. To fix any internal component damage (other than dust) on your PS4, you’ll need to bring it in for service. To begin with, we’d like you to try each of our ideas one at a time.

PS4 Won’t Stay on or Turn On?

Using Safe Mode, reinstall the PS4 system software.

Playstation 4 System Software Reinstallation

We’re going to reinstall the PS4 and see if that fixes the problem. In order to fix this, you’ll have to restart the console in safe mode and re-install the programme.

As a last resort, you should only re-install the software if all other options have failed. Do this if you think the problem is too serious to fix yourself.

Create a USB flash drive and store the PS4 software on it. Make sure you have a USB drive plugged in. The USB disc can be formatted by right-clicking and selecting “Format.”

The “PS4 Console Reinstallation File” can be downloaded from PlayStation’s official website. To locate it, just keep scrolling down. Create a file named “PS4UPDATE.PUP” in the UPDATE folder and save it there (without quotation marks).

The PS4 Should Be Restarted

Corrosion can be cleared away with the help of a power cycle. As a result, there is no better place to begin than here. Press the power button on the front to turn the system off. After a few seconds, the power indicator will go out.

Disconnect The Console’s Power Cord

Wait for at least 20 minutes before making any decisions. System reconnection. Restart the computer in Safe Mode, then reinstall all of the software.

Safe Mode is free of corruption, so you can use it to fix or troubleshoot your console. In the event that you’re dealing with a software or firmware issue, rather than a physical one, this is what you should do. Unplug an external USB storage device from your PS4 and connect it to the PS4.

Press and hold the power button while the system is turned off. Release it after the second beep. After a brief pause, the second beep can be heard roughly seven seconds after the first one.

Connect your controller via USB to the console. Playstation buttons can be accessed by pressing the PS button on a controller (your PS4 may enter Safe Mode automatically)

Reinstalling The Operating System is Safe Mode 

On the Update from USB Storage Device, select “X” to proceed. To proceed, simply click “Ok.” The console will restart normally after it’s finished. Try it out and see if it helps.

Observe the wires. It’s possible to try another HDMI/USB cable or another HDMI/USB port if the process doesn’t work. Using a different system, such as a Blu-ray, is an excellent option to test the subject.

The PS4’s database rebuild tells your system where the required data resides. As a result, it is able to start up faster since it is able to quickly locate service and game data. We must restart the console, enter safe mode, and select the database option to begin the process.

After re-installing the software, if your PS4 is still slow or shutting down, give this a shot. To avoid losing all of your data, you may want to try this first. Rebuilding the database is the final stage. The data on your hard disc can also be cleared off in Safe Mode:

The console should be reset by performing a hard power cycle. Connect your PS4 controller via USB to the console. Make certain that the console is turned off. When you hear the second beep, hold down the power button.

Rebuilding the database is option number five. Wait for the procedure to be finished. Safe Mode will be restored when the console exits. You can try pressing “Initialize PS4” to see if it helps.

However, there is an alternative method for resolving the PS4 Blue Light of Death problem. It’s a little more risky, however, because it could harm the television and PlayStation 4.

To sum it up, we must perform a hard reset of the console, an HDMI connection reset, a resolution change in Safe mode, and a software update.

Rebooting into Safe Mode should restore the system to its previous state after performing the resolution reset. Go return to the menu if you don’t like it.

To update the system software, choose option 3. You must have an internet connection in order to play this game. If not, move on to the next paragraph. Check if the issue has been resolved once the process has completed.

How Can I Update My PS4 System Without Using the Internet?

PS4 system software update using USB storage device.  Re-installing software is equivalent to updating your system without internet access:

Make sure you have a USB drive plugged in. It must be formatted in FAT32 or a comparable file system and be completely empty. PS4 folder and “UPDATE” subfolder should be created in the PS4 folder.

Even if you have a guarantee, you should proceed at your own risk. Additionally, we must restart the console, replace the AC cord, remove the hard drive, wipe the dust, and test the console.

If Safe Mode doesn’t work, try this instead. After pushing and holding the power button, you may not hear the second beep.

Check The Console

You should try to turn the console back on before putting the hard drive in there. If there is no difficulty, the hard drive may be the problem. But since we’ve already done so much, power off the console and reinstall the hard disc. Test it once more.

Try restarting the console in safe mode if you’re still having problems. Get a new hard drive if it doesn’t work.

Service Your PlayStation 4

We hope you find the solution within the article. However, it’s impossible to fix internal harm by cleaning or updating the software.

If you’ve done everything and the PS4 still won’t power on or remain on, there’s a problem with the console. The PlayStation Fix and Repair service can help you if you’re still covered by your warranty.

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If you’ve reached this point, you’ve probably figured out what’s wrong with your PS4 and how to fix it. It is possible to fix your console if you have accurately detected the problem.

It’s possible to use a smart data recovery programme indicated in the bonus tip if you’re worried about losing data, such as game files. The hard disc of your PS4 may be quickly and easily recovered using AnyRecover.