Experts Agree: Here’s Why You Should Embrace Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure Through AZ-104 Exam

With cloud computing becoming an integral part of modern businesses, it is no longer a question of why you should migrate to the cloud. However, it might be quite difficult to choose a certain cloud service. Of course, there are lots of big players in the industry, offering solutions to their faithful clientele across the globe. But what makes Microsoft Azure stand out from the rest?

In this article, we explore the top 3 reasons you should embrace Microsoft Azure and why the Microsoft AZ-104 exam is essential for your long-term cloud computing career.

Why You Should Embrace Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure Through AZ-104 Exam

3 Best Reasons to Embrace Microsoft Azure

Below are the top 3 reasons to adopt Microsoft Azure:

1. Useful Security Features

Isn’t security the most important aspect of modern IT environments? With digital attacks and data breaches on a steady rise, it’s no secret that security is fast becoming a top priority for modern organizations. Fortunately, Microsoft Azure has made security one of its core components. Investing in Azure comes with a variety of security benefits such as data protection, automated threat detection, threat protection, and a VPN gateway.

2. Exciting Hybrid Cloud Capabilities

Azure is widely accepted in the broader IT industry because of its matchless hybrid features. From file sharing capabilities to VPN, content delivery networks (CND), and monitoring, Azure provides exciting features that enhance practicality and usability.

3. Ease of Use

One of the most underrated advantages of using the Microsoft Azure platform is that it’s easy to navigate. On top of that, Microsoft is always willing to support its learners throughout their careers by offering suitable technical certifications built around Azure. For instance, anyone making their first step in the field may want to check out the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification to verify their skills.

Why You Should Embrace Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure Through AZ-104 Exam

Laying a Solid Foundation with the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam

The AZ-104 exam, also referred to as Microsoft Azure Administrator, is intended for subject matter experts with proven knowledge of managing an Azure environment. Such individuals are responsible for maintaining the organization’s virtual networks, identity, security, governance, compute, and storage concepts.

The Microsoft AZ-104 exam is one of the best options for Azure administrators, working collaboratively with other IT professionals to implement a company’s cloud computing project. To attempt this test, you should be familiar with servers, networking, virtualization, and operating systems. Besides, you must be well-conversant with PowerShell, the Azure Portal, Azure Resource Manager templates, and Azure CLI. If you pass the test, you qualify for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification.

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The Bottom Line

Microsoft Azure is one of the most reliable cloud computing services designed to serve all kinds of businesses around the world. It offers plenty of advantages in a like-for-like comparison with some of its biggest rivals.

And the best part? You can obtain the vital skills you will need to become an Azure Administrator by passing the Microsoft AZ-104 exam. For anyone still wondering why there is a buzz around Microsoft Azure, the top 3 reasons discussed above are enough proof that it is worth the hype.

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