Beyonc Gets Her First Oscar Nomination For King Richard

Beyoncé’s “Be Alive” has earned her a nomination for an Academy Award, and the singer’s devoted fans, the “Beyhive,” are beyond themselves with joy.

The movie King Richard, starring Will Smith as Venus and Serena Williams’ father Richard, features the singer’s rendition of the song.

Beyonc Gets Her First Oscar Nomination For King Richard

Beyonc Gets Her First Oscar Nomination For King Richard

Beyoncé has never before been nominated for an Oscar, as she was previously considered for a nomination for “Spirit,” from The Lion King, but the song ultimately did not make the cut.

Beyoncé and Dixson aren’t the only ones nominated for the song; Billie Eilish’s “No Time to Die,” Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Dos Oruguitas” from Encanto, Van Morrison’s “Down to Joy” from Belfast, and Diane Warren’s “Somehow You Do” from Four Good Days are all up for the award, too.

Beyoncé’s Beyhive Expresses Pride in Her First Oscar Nomination

Many of Beyoncé’s followers flocked to Twitter to express their delight at the news, with many predicting that the singer will “win that Oscar.”

A supporter of the artist penned: “Beyoncé’s debut Oscar nomination is for Best Original Song for “Be Alive.” For you, Bey!”

One fan spoke out in favour of both Beyoncé and King Richard’s Best Actor nominee Will Smith, saying: “If I’m going to get an Oscar this year, I need Will Smith and Beyoncé. I’m going to need it.”

Additionally, one supporter remarked: “Beyoncé, your first-ever nomination for an Academy Award is cause for celebration. And maybe this is the year Will Smith finally gets his gold. Both are recognised for their service to King Richard and receive nominations.”

Multiple commenters expressed their delight at seeing both Beyoncé and Eilish recognised in the same field. This is Eilish’s first Oscar nomination; she composed the James Bond theme song for Daniel Craig’s last film as 007.

Last Words

One fan explained their feelings for both artists by writing: “The answer is yes, Beyonce is deserving of an Oscar.

but Billie is included as well!

I love no time to die so much.”

A supporter chimed in, too: “Beyoncé and Billie were both nominated for an Academy Award in the same category. Honestly care less which way it goes.”