‘Bob’s Burgers Season 12’ Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

Bob’s Burgers is an American sitcom that has run for 12 seasons and 221 episodes as of this writing. The series garnered a mixed reception when it premiered, but as the series progressed, those perspectives began to change.

Massive audiences were attracted to the show and its fan base has grown significantly. The success of the series was aided by a number of factors, including interesting characters, a laid-back plot, and musical elements.

Even while the storyline is largely the same, each episode uses the world set up to its fullest potential, delivering a unique and exciting treat to its viewers. The first season of Bob’s Burgers premiered in 2011 on Cartoon Network.

Back in 2020, the series was renewed for a twelve-episode run. Only five episodes of Bob’s Burgers Season 12 have been released, and we’ll tell you everything about Episode 6 right now.

Season 12 Episode 6 of “Bob’s Burgers” is scheduled to air on November 7 of that year assuming all goes according to plan. It’s going to air.

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The Story of Bob’s Burgers, Episode 6 of Season 12

One central family, the Belchers, is the focus of the show’s primary plot thread. Occasionally, new characters appear in each episode, giving each one its own unique flavour.

Bob, his wife Lida, and their three children, Gene, Tina, and Louise, make up the Belchers family in the show. The series follows this family as they deal with a variety of challenges, amusing interactions with other people, and sometimes exhilarating or unpleasant events in their everyday lives.

Family, neighbours, customers, and even business rivals all feature in the story of a burger restaurant owned by Bob (the protagonist).

Despite this, the story isn’t entirely centred on the restaurant; instead, it delves deep into each of the major characters’ psyches in order to give each episode a particular flavour, storyline structure, and feel. A two-story building houses Bob’s Burgers.

An apartment for the Belchers family is located on the second or third floor, above the ground-floor burger joint. It’s Your Funeral Home and Crematorium” is located just next door to Bob’s Burgers, so it isn’t the only business in town.

An adjacent business building changes its name in the opening credits of each episode, and its name has always had an intended pun behind it, giving a distinct and amusing edge to each episode of the series.

Besides the Belchers family, we also observe regular customers of the burger establishment and their interactions with Bob’s Burgers as well as with the Belchers family. “It’s Your Funeral Home and Crematorium” Mort and Teddy from the nearby company enterprise.

The diner is a regular haunt for both of them, and each encounter is unique. However, Bob’s Burgers isn’t the only food business in his neighbourhood; he also has competition from an Italian pizza establishment called “Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria” owned by Jimmy Pesto, Bob’s main adversary.

On the other side of the street from Bob’s pizzeria, Jimmy has a pizza shop of his own. Due to Jimmy’s restaurant often having a higher volume of guests and being more successful in general, this generates a contradictory tension and ongoing competitiveness between these two.

Wagstaff School is attended by all Belcher children. Each child has a distinct personality and hobbies, and certain episodes focus on these children’s various pursuits and how they are distinctive and distinct from one another.

It’s very uncommon for adolescents like Tina, who is thirteen, to struggle with topics like how she feels about her attraction to boys. Even more perplexing is the fact that she has feelings for Jimmy Junior, Pesto’s eldest son.

Gene, who is eleven years old, has a profound love for music and frequently carries around a keyboard and plays it while he goes about his daily routines. When it comes to pranks, Louise is constantly up to something.

There’s no stopping Louise from pushing herself to the limit, whether it’s for money, revenge, or pure fun. When she does, her siblings join her on her adventures as well.

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The burger joint known as Bob’s Place

Harry Jon Benjamin, an American actor and comedian, voices Bob Belcher in the animated series. He is also well-known for his part as Carl in the classic Family Guy cartoon series. On May 23, 1966, he was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States.

Actor John Roberts lends his voice to Linda Belchers, a character played by the American actress. He’s originally from Brooklyn, New York, in the United States, but now lives in London.