How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

Your game’s update rate will decrease as the tick rate increases. Choosing a tick rate of 7200 will cause your game to refresh once every hour. If you put in a value of 20, it will update once every second.

The game may see a performance hit if you reduce this setting when it is used in conjunction with frequent game updates. On the other hand, increasing the tick could hasten plant development. Why is it necessary, though, to alter the tick speed? I say we find out.

How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

An in-game tick is the basic time-keeping mechanism of Minecraft. In Minecraft, a second is equal to 20 ticks. Every 0.5 seconds, there will be a tick. Ticks govern Minecraft’s advancements or updates.

The duration of a game day is 24000 ticks. That’s the equivalent of twenty minutes in the actual world. In-game, the TPS (ticks per second) may be viewed by pressing ALT + F3.

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Speed of Random Ticks in Minecraft by Default

The propagation of fire, the development of plants, and the deterioration of leaves are all randomly influenced by a feature in Minecraft. Those are “random ticks,” a new addition.

In Java Edition, the random tick speed is regulated by a default value of 3. There is a maximum of one random tick every second in the Bedrock Edition.

Do not try to adjust the random tick speed if you are unsure of what you are doing. The game may become unplayable if set to extremely high values. I’ll break it down for you:

By default, a rate of three ticks per second is applied to random events. Change it to 21, and the rate at which plants grow, fires spread, etc. will rise by a factor of seven.

How Fast does a Tick in Minecraft go?

The tick rate is variable between 0 and 256 ticks per second. The value starts at 20, but you can adjust it as you progress through the game once you’ve activated the cheats. Ticks per second rise proportionally with your level.

Does anyone Know How to Adjust the Tick Rate in Minecraft?

Open the game’s chat box to type the command you just learned to use to modify the tick speed. The shortcut keys to launch the chat window vary between versions.

If you’re using Windows 10 or the JavaScript edition, press “T” to open the chat window; on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, use the controller’s direction pad. When the conversation window appears, type the appropriate command to adjust the tick speed as needed.

There is also the option to alter the tick rate in the preferences menu. Enter the game’s setting at any time. At the very end of the configuration page comes the “Random Tick Speed” option. Tick speed can be changed by clicking the button and entering the desired value.

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Minecraft tick speed command

Tick rate can be adjusted with the “/gamerule” command. Numerous Minecraft releases include this command. For clarity, there are two directives:

Game Rule Randomization /gamerule

TickRate number>
/rulegame random
The first is to adjust the tick speed to exactly how fast you want things to develop or degenerate.

Second, examine the rules of the game.

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How Fast of a Rate should you Set Minecraft to Tick at?

Several game elements shift or progress marginally after each tick. The positions of plants, flowing fluids, and moving objects all shift slightly over time. By increasing the tick speed, the decay rate can be increased.

Ticks will stop being randomly generated if the tick speed is set to 0. If you want to speed things up a bit without making them excessively quick, setting it at three might be your best bet. Keep it between 6 and 8 if you insist on working quickly.

One thing to bear in mind is that activating cheats and losing your awards is a side effect of increasing the tick speed.