Devon Self Storage Unit: An Exhaustive Review

Storage units have become a necessity with time and demographic changes. With increasing industrialization, more and more people are moving to the cities, occupying more space. In smaller towns, when the standard of living rise, so do their incomes and the things they have.

Apart from financial reasons, we often fail to store antiques and valuables correctly because of the lack of facilities in our homes. 

Devon Self Storage Unit

It can be hard to keep those beautifully crafted leathers in the open when your toddler is too creative with paint and pens.

Nor can you let it stay inside the cupboard where it becomes a buffet for fungi and moss. As a result, you require space and facilities to store such sensitive items in your home.

Many times, people, especially students who are constantly changing apartments and accommodations, need a place to store their belongings so that they have to carry a little lighter burden each time they shift. As a result, they look for a safe and secure space for their belongings.

Given all the reasons above and many more, self-storage units have become a necessity. While it is a basic need in all the cities, it is increasingly becoming essential even in small towns.

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It is because self-storage units are a reasonable and safe alternative for people renovating homes to move their belongings or businesses to store inventory.

It is not difficult to understand why it is one of the most profitable industries. Self-storge industry was of the few industries that registered higher profits during the pandemic.

However, relying on a self-storage company is tricky. They can extract extra money through insurance and guarantees or be inconvenient in access hours. 

You can also never be sure if they practice what they preach. As a result, some research is essential. This article will review one of the storage facilities in Charlotte, NC. It is called Devon Self Storage.


Learning a little about the company’s history and background is always helpful in understanding its work ethic. It helps one understand its ethics and customer relations. A good and reliable company will always invest the effort to maintain excellent customer service and satisfactory customer relations.

Devon SelfStorage began its operations in 1988 to provide self-storage solutions to homes and businesses. They offer the best services at the most convenient prices to provide your belongings with a second home.

It is an employee-owned and privately held real estate company that has self-storage facilities in 24 states across the United States, including California, Georgia, Florida, and more. They now have self-storage operations in Holland, Germany, and France.

They have more than eighty facilities, making people’s lives easier with their experience and expertise of more than thirty years. If you want to check if they have a self-storage facility near your location, you can check out their website

 What Do They Offer?

There is always a difference between what a company claims to offer and what they offer. However, having a glance at their experienced and skilled team, we can guarantee that they deliver what they claim to offer.

Let us begin with the core of every storage company: the storage unit. I was impressed by their variety of storage unit sizes.

They have a total of ten different sizes to suit your various needs. As a result, we can comfortably say that they offer inclusive sizes, and you will not have to pay extra or compromise on space at any time. 

Their website lists the prices and discounts for the various sizes. Some of the storage units also have their first month free. In terms of the types of storage, they offer personal, commercial, military, and student storage. 

Their covered parking is fit for vehicles like cars, trucks, RVs, and boats. However, the amenities vary according to the location. All the storage unit branches might not have the same facilities. You should check the storage facility in your vicinity to see if it has all the facilities.

On their green-flagged website, they make a clear mention of the various facilities. It signifies their transparency and honesty, making them a reliable option. They do not have a 24-hour access policy. 

As a result, you must be on your toes and vigilant if you want to access your belongings inside the storage unit. The general timings for all year are 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., but certain facilities offer extended hours. Again, you have to check KK for it on the website.

 Let’s Lease and Rent

Leasing and rent schemes are the biggest indicators of a company’s trustworthiness. A lot of storage facilities extract extra money from their customers by offering 6-monthly or annual billing schemes. 

In such an arrangement, if you want to or have to move out on an emergency basis in between the completion periods, you will suffer a loss. Devon SelfStorae, on the other hand, charges every month. As a result, you do not have to pay extra if planning to vacate the storage unit at any time.

Their termination policy makes it easy to terminate your rental contract. You have to give at least three days’ notice to help them vacate the facility for you. For more details, you need to get in touch with their team.

 Security Arrangements

In addition to their flexible storage options, they provide several security measures to give you peace of mind for your storage unit. Their facilities feature 24-hour digital video recording monitored by their staff, fully fenced boundaries, and electronic gate access. 

As a result, there is no scope for unauthorized access. It also ensures that only you can access your storage units and the belongings inside. If you need assistance with your unit or have any questions, their helpful storage professionals are happy to lend a hand and solve your queries.

Devon Self Storage Unit

Any Discounts or Offers?

I believe discounts and offers are the only things that bring people together (I’m kidding!). Devon Self Storage units do offer discounts to military officials. However, they also have some ongoing discounts and offers throughout the year. 

These might not be uniformly applicable, so you must check the storage facility in your vicinity to see what deal you can grab.

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Finding reliable self-self storage in the US can be time-consuming. Almost all the companies claim to be the best self-storage companies or cal themselves the largest self-storage companies in the US. It is why we reviewed one for you.

I feel a company’s website is a big indicator of its reliability and trustworthiness. As a result, we can confidently say that Devon Self Storage is reliable and trustworthy.

The fact that they bill monthly and do not try to get extra money speaks to their ethics. They do not charge extra for any facility or service.

They have also specified where they lack or the things they do not offer. So I would recommend this self-storage unit to my readers if you are looking for a safe, convenient, and reasonable self-storage option.