How Kyrsten Sinema Uses Clothing To Signal Her Social Class

Middle-class is used synonymously with other potent nationalist signifiers such as citizen, voter, and American. And while my progressive allies may object to this comparison, Kyrsten Sinema’s style is by far the most accessible to her constituents when compared to some of Congress’ best-known members.

Knowing what I do about the industry and how much clothes cost, I can confidently claim that very few American women can afford to look like, say, the otherworldly Nancy Pelosi.

It’s not just that Kyrsten Sinema’s fashion choices are unflattering to many of us; it’s also that she doesn’t seem to be making any effort to elevate her status. However, it is not to say that her fashion narrative is not inspiring.

How Kyrsten Sinema Uses Clothing To Signal Her Social Class

Discusses the Power Dynamics Between Men and Women in the High Fashion Industry

According to Mears, Kyrsten Sinema comes across as “someone who has a catalogue budget but tries to imagine what this high-end editorial looks like, someone who aspires to be cool and bold.”

Sinema’s sartorial performance has a touch of sophistication due to the fact that it is fundamental yet ambitious, not in strength but in novelty. Mears is an accomplished writer who frequently discusses the power dynamics between men and women in the high fashion industry.

Since Mears has worked as a model, she has first-hand experience with the ways in which social status is communicated through the garments we wear and the bodies that wear them. Female attractiveness is often advertised as a prerequisite for entry to high-end nightclubs and social gatherings frequented by the wealthy and famous.

As Mears put it, “the normative body would be a white man,” and in a world where white men are the body by default, all other facets of power, from race and gender to class and sexuality, must negotiate with them to get access to tremendous powers. places. You can’t go into those clubs unless you’re a stunning woman.

Mears characterised the Beltway, with its emphasis on power and politics, as a “masculine place.” This setting is one of the things that makes Kyrsten Sinema’s art so distinctive. Just like in society at large, there is a certain number of positions that women can play in literature. One can be naive, one can be a middleman, one can be a member of the privileged, or one can be a foreigner.

Last Words

Kyrsten Sinema stands out by attempting to mix diverse components of many roles for women in politics, each of which comes with a performance that moulds the political message and, as Mears put it, “chooses your audience.”

A clever, rule-breaking undercurrent emanates from the snug garments. Someone who wears garish makeup, wigs, and accessories is likely to be an outsider who is aware of the rules but chooses to disobey them.

Any bold design that isn’t her preferred silhouette could be a hint of a powerful broker or elite. Overall, though, they’re talking to someone who isn’t necessarily stuck in any of the stereotypes associated with women in politics.

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