Jimmy Fallon: Biden Can Cut Emissions Just as He Did His Ratings

On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, US Vice President Joe Biden made his first late-night TV visit, during which he joked about his inability to cook and discussed topics as diverse as vaccinations and his favour ratings.

Mr. Biden, 79, the first sitting president to come on the late-night programme since President Barack Obama in 2016, informed the host that he and First Lady Jill Biden had convinced the White House staff to allow them to cook their own breakfast.

“We’re regular folks from the middle class… No one has ever waited on us before, “His words.

Jimmy Fallon: Biden Can Cut Emissions Just as He Did His Ratings

“The men who operate the kitchen up on the second floor are fantastic, but we’ve worked out a deal where they don’t have to come in to make us breakfast anymore. We can boil our own eggs and serve ourselves porridge…”

You’re probably getting some funny looks when you tell people, “You make your own eggs?” To which Fallon jumped in. Well, I don’t agree with it. President Obama’s remark that “Jill does” was met with cheers and ovation.

Mr. Biden used anecdote to explain his lacklustre culinary abilities, recalling how his then-nine-year-old daughter had said to an interviewer, “My daddy can’t do much. He is capable of boiling water and preparing spaghetti. There isn’t much else he can do.” President Bush continued, “And guess what? She is right.”

Upon being asked if he follows the president’s popularity, Vice President Biden said, “Not anymore.”

The interview did get serious at times, especially when discussing the state of the economy and Covid. The president admitted that the public was anxious about increasing inflation.

People are concerned and worried,” Mr. Biden remarked. Moreover, the general public is being exposed to misleading data.

“The economy is expanding at a rate not seen in nearly sixty years. Now that it has reached 4.2%, I expect the jobless rate to continue falling.

“It is my job to give it to you directly, shoulder-to-shoulder. Tell everyone the whole truth and explain how I plan to improve their lot in life.

The president anticipated that the Covid-19 pandemic and inflation would be “under control” by this time next year and advised everyone to get vaccinated and revaccinated.

In conclusion, he advised receiving two primary vaccinations followed by a booster shot against the virus. It’s a patriotic necessity, and it will make a huge difference.

Admitting to not having a single Republican support for his ambitious $1.75 trillion Build Back Better proposal, Mr Biden said he still intended to pass the package in the Senate before the end of year.

“So, it is going to be tough but I think we can get it done. Moreover, I will work on it till we succeed.

The vice president emphasised the significance of bipartisanship as Fallon praised the president for restoring “class” to the White House.

Mr. Biden reflected on the late Republican senator Bob Dole requesting him to deliver his eulogy from the hospital bed. He noted that such personal connections were rare in modern politics. He said that the current climate of extreme partisanship was “fed” by QAnon, “extreme elements of the Republican party,” and former president Donald Trump.