13 Best Alternatives To ‘Vidics’

Do you stream movies online? Are you looking alternatives for your current streaming website? This article helps you in providing the alternative websites to vidics.

Vidics is great for people who wants to stream movies and TV shows online for free. It consists of movies from all round the globe and its database is huge. It also provides short description about the movie and the cast involved.

Also, the website updates its content frequently. Overall, Vidics is great for online movie streaming. But, what if the site goes down? You may need another website for free online streaming.


So, have a look at the 13 websites that are provided in this article. They might be a good replacement to Vidics. Some of them might be even better. So, let us start the list. The first website in the list is MovieFlixter.

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13 Best Alternatives To Vidics

1. MovieFlixter

It is a pretty decent website for movie streaming. You can find popular movies, latest movies on this site. News about upcoming movies is also featured on this site. If you can’t decide for yourself what movie to watch, don’t worry. There are viewer ratings for every movie on this site. So, you can start watching movies with highest rating. Also, you can watch movies based on the genre.

You can find thriller movies, action movies, documentaries, comedy movies, romantic movies and many others. You can stream the movies in HD as well. The website is neat looking, simple and have organised UI (User interface). So, this can be a great alternative to Vidics.Let us now move on to the second website in the list which is Fmovies.

2. Fmovies

This website hosts multiple domains like Fmovies.ag, Fmovies.se, Fmovies.to and this website looks very professional. You can find a lot of movies and TV shows for sure on this website. There are only a few ads. The latest web series, TV shows and movies are also featured on this website. The website also offers dark theme sometimes if you are into it.

You also get the user ratings which help you in getting an idea about whether the movie is good or not. There is multiple server support. If one server goes down, you can use the other server to stream the movie online. Most of the videos on this site have subtitles included. You can also comment about the movie in the comment section.

Basic features like short description about the movie and cast, search bar to find movies that you are looking for are also available on this website.So yeah, Fmovies is definitely a tough competitor to Vidics. Moving on, the next website in the list is Moviewatcher.

3. Moviewatcher

This website looks modern. The homepage of the website comes with a search bar where you can search for movies that you would like to watch. There is a separate section on the website with the name called actress, where you can find your favorite actress and actors. You will get some basic information about them and their works. You can also find the latest movies on this website.

By creating an account, you can download the movies too. Are you much interested in TV series? Then this website got you covered too.You can find romantic movies, horror movies, family movies, crime movies, comedy movies, action movies, thriller movies, adventure movies, animated movies, historic movies, and movies based on music drama war, etc. This site is more advantageous if you create an account on the site.

If you have an account on this site, you’ll get added advantages like no ads, downloading the movie, etc. This site also supports multiple servers in case of a server breakdown.Let us now move on to the next website in the list which is movies2K.

4. Movies2K

This is a website that offers its users latest and trending movies. All you need to do is, select the movie you want to see and click on play button. If you find difficulty in playing the movie, you can choose a different server. This might do the work for you. Different genres like animation, crime, drama, fantasy, horror, music, news, romance, reality, kids, history, family, documentary, comedy, adventure, action, and others are included on the site.

You can watch movies that are originated from the US, Australia, Japan, China, India, South Korea, United Kingdom and many other countries. There are TV shows and other top rated IMDB movies. You can also find movies you are looking for by using the search bar. Also, there are user ratings on the site. It also comes with a short description of the movie, the actors in the movie and the release year.

5. GoMovies

GoMovies is definitely one of the decent websites if you want free movie streaming. There are lot of helpful sections on the website. The TV series section is helpful is finding all the TV series at one place. The country field help you in finding the movies that are originated from a particular country. There is a most viewed field where you can find popular movies among the viewers.

You can also find movies that are top-rated in the IMDB. Also, if you have any movie requests, there is a separate field for that in the website. You can find different genres of movies and you can also search movies using the search box provided.This is one of the best alternatives to vidics for sure. The next website in the list is Putlocker.

6. Putlocker

This website is similar to the other websites on the list for what it got to offer. The homepage of this website features popular movies and also there are sections like movies, TV series, genre, new episodes, countries and movie request. These sections work more or less the same as they work in the other websites. You can many genres including action, romance, crime, adventure, comedy and many others. You can find good movies in almost every genre that you visit.

7. Movie4k

You can watch movies for free on movie4K without any login or registration. It can offer you TV shows too. This site can definitely entertain you. All you have to do is selecting a movie title and click on the play button. Like the other websites, it also provides user ratings for the movies, short description about the movie and the cast.

It tries to provide you a seamless experience with a multiple server support. You can find most of the Hollywood blockbusters on the site. The site interface is user friendly and it is easy to use.

8. HouseMovie

In this website, you can not only stream the movies but also download them. Around four thousand movies are available for download. You will be able to download the movies without undergoing any registration process or log in. You can download in various quality too. The are latest movies, popular movies on the homepage of the website which helps you in finding the good and latest movies.

There is an interesting option available on this site called random movie. If you click on random movie, you will be suggested some random movie to watch. You can use to search bar if you are specifically looking for a particular movie. Also, there are articles available on the site which updates you with the movie news and stuff. These are the key features of HouseMovie website.

9. SolarMovie

SolarMovie can be a good replacement for Vidics. You can download movies in HD quality on SolarMovie. The homepage consists of a search bar which helps in finding the movies you are looking for. At the bottom of the homepage, you can find different genres and countries. You can make use of those sections if you want to watch movies based on them. It also offers trailers of latest movies.

You can also find top IMDB rated movies and TV series too. There is an interesting option called filter in which you can choose the quality of the movie, genre of the movie, country of origin and release year. So, you might make use of it if you are looking for any specifics. So yeah, solar movie can be a good alternative to Vidics.

10. HDMoviesPoint

This website allows its users to download movies in different qualities based on the network connectivity. You can use the search bar to find the movies. Also, you can make use of the different genre sections to watch movies from specific genre. But, you need to make a user registration on the website if you want to download the movie. That is the only downside of this website. Different genres on the website include drama, war, romance, action, thriller, horror, documentary, adventure, animation and many others.

11. Tinklepad

Tinklepad is a website which uses search and brings results about movies, sites where you can download movies and other movie related stuff. You can find news from old movies to recent movies on this website. You can find the user ratings for the movies. There is a search bar which helps you in finding the movies that you are looking for. You can register on the website or you can also continue as guest without log in.

12. XMovies8

This website is for dark themed lovers. It comes with a dark themed background. You can easily switch to light mode theme of you want to. You can watch movies by searching in the search box. Some popular movies are featured in the homepage. You can watch movies based on the genre, release year and country of origin. You can also make use of filter option in the website. Some movies also supports streaming in 4K.

If you want to know more about the movies, you can use the short description available on the website. You can also get the IMDB rating of the movies. If you become a premium member, then you can use the website ad-free. Overall, a pretty good website for free online movie streaming.

13. 123Movies

123Movies is one of the most famous websites around the globe for movie streaming online. The website looks professional with a simple user interface. The home page of the website shows featured movies. There are more than three servers available for streaming. If you can’t access from one server you can try the rest.

You can watch movies based on the genre, release year. But, to access some movies on this website, you need to sign up on the website. This is the downside of 123Movies. Some movies are also available for streaming in 4K.

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In our perspective, these are the best websites for movie streaming online for free. Some of the websites in the list are really good alternatives to Vidics. Visit each of the websites on the list and you might find websites that are much better than Vidics. Thanks for reading the article.