Top 10 ‘Soul Anime’ Alternatives

Searching for an online platform to watch Anime Videos? Well, we have the solution for you. It is Soul Anime. This site is the greatest option for all anime lovers since it provides a selection of free anime and movie series offered by third-party servers.

This website allows you to view and download anime series, that too in HD quality. The Soul Anime database has a huge number of films and other interesting stuff that you may view from anywhere in the globe at any time.

When you access the site, all new release series are shown on the home page, to explore further and find a particular, the search bar is also available that too with advanced search options also.

Soul Anime is also recognized as a community where anime fans may interact with one another. This interactive feature of the website makes it outshine the rest and hence the first choice of all anime lovers.

Soul Anime

Furthermore, the website also has several intriguing features that set it apart from the competition. We can conclude that it is a compelling platform for all anime fans. If we go into detail about the features of this wonderful site, we have many.

To begin with, the site is well-known for broadcasting and providing high-quality anime material. If you’ve been watching anime films and episodes for a time, chances are you’ve come across Soul Anime.

Soul Anime’s streaming material is mostly in 1080p, which is why it is so popular among anime lovers. Soul Anime provides high-quality video, but the website also offers high sound quality to make the experience realistic.Moreover, the site also offers a huge library of anime series and movies. Soul Anime is a one-stop store for all things anime.

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Top 10 Soul Anime Alternatives

This was all about Soul Anime. Now, we would like to provide you with the alternatives to Soul Anime, if in case you are unable to find any of your preferred anime on Soul Anime or the servers of Soul Anime is down or it is even possible that you may not have access to it due to regional rules and regulations.

1. Kiss Anime

To begin with, we have the very first alternative as Kiss Anime.Kiss Anime is another free website where you can view cartoons and anime; it has English subbed and dubbed anime in HD video quality. It is mostly for anime fans because it has virtually every sort of anime available.

Don’t be mistaken with the above-mentioned Kiss Anime Club; it also includes a movie section in the header. It is a mobile-friendly site, however, there are a lot of advertisements, which may irritate you, but definitely, this site is one of the best alternatives to Soul Anime.

Kiss Anime is an old anime streaming service with nearly 40 million users, every month. Imagine the popularity of this site, with such high viewership.

2. is the second worthy alternate to Soul Anime we would like to recommend to you.This platform is worth your time for watching anime and cartoons; it provides a part, or category, where you can find your most current anime, most viewed anime, and most popular anime of the day. had an outstanding interface; unlike other sites here you will have uninterrupted experience, without advertisements, which is the finest part of this site, and users can run this site quickly since nearly everything is categorised and this is the reason the site is in our list and another best alternative to Soul Anime.

3. Kiss Cartoon

Kiss Cartoon offers a number of free anime movies and Tv shows; its cartoon series are frequently updated and classified into different genres to choose from. Most cartoon lovers have probably heard of it.You may become a member of Kiss Cartoon and get alerted anytime a new cartoon or anime is uploaded.

Advertising dominates both the sidebars, and the pop-ups and ads may continue to be displayed, even after clicking the video.Kiss Cartoon is quite popular among the public with heavy traffic and has nearly 15 million visitors, a month.

4. Anime Pahe

It is yet another excellent website devoted to anime fans; it provides a wide range of subtitled and dubbed anime. Its site is ad-free and simple to use; the site exclusively displays the most recently released anime on its homepage.

The site is decent, if we talk about the UI and user experience when compared to other online streaming sites. To watch the anime you just simply need to click on the title of the anime. The video player is likewise decent, with an easy-to-use interface.

Anime Pahe is too quiet a popular site with 2.5 million visitors, every month. This site is quite popular in Asia, and the majority of the viewership of this site comes from India.

5. Cartoon Crazy

Cartoon Crazy is another fantastic option for Soul Anime; it provides various cartoon and anime programs without requiring you to sign up. It’s also a fantastic choice for English-dubbed anime.The interface makes the user experience fantastic; The site is simple to use and offers a hassle-free experience.

The site has a great option to choose from with more than 25000 episodes to watch for free.The available content is well- categorized into different genres.However, you will see several pop-ups and display advertisements that will appear in a new tab on your browser.

6. Chia Anime

Chia Anime is also a worthy option for Soul Anime, which has a huge selection of anime. It broadcasts videos in high quality, so you’ll enjoy watching anime here.On its homepage, you will notice several pop-ups and the page displaying several advertisements.

If you click on any of the pop-ups or ads, a new tab in your browser will open with the ad which makes the streaming and exploring difficult.But, unlike most online streaming sites this site also offers downloading of the anime.So, to avoid the annoying ads you can even download the anime and enjoy it without interruptions.

7. Anime Nova

It is mostly for anime enthusiasts; it provides numerous anime movies. This website is based on text, the available anime titles are displayed on its homepage.The best and most lovable feature of this site is that there are no pop-up advertisements on its homepage; it has a simple layout and a pleasurable user experience, and the site has a search bar where you may locate your chosen anime.

To make exploring content easier the homepage of this site views the latest release.A number of genres are also available to choose from, like supernatural, science fiction, and many more.The site is recorded to cross 3 million viewers per month.

8. Otaku Stream

Otaku Stream is the greatest service to watch anime online; it provides you with the most recent releases, which are organized by section. It features a function that is light sensitive and automatically adjusts according to the light sensitivity.

The site offers the greatest layout and user experience; there is no advertising on its front page, and users may join up using Facebook and Twitter. It has a search box where you may look for your favorite anime.The popularity of this website can trusted with the number of visitors and that is more than 15 million, every month.

9. Cartoons On

It is a website that provides many renowned cartoons and anime series for free. Cartoons On has a modest collection of cartoons, but still have popular anime on the list.

You may dislike its user experience since it frequently displays intrusive advertising that links you to malicious websites.
So, we would recommend that this site is not suitable for any user under the age of 18. Users may be perplexed as to where they should click to watch a video.

The popularity of this site is no less, it has major traffic in the site and is recorded to be 5 million, per month.The majority of viewership of this site comes from United Nations, United Kingdom, and Canada.

10. Anime Show

Anime Show is another site that streams a large amount of anime from across the world; it contains a large library of anime. In the search bar, you may look for your favorite anime.

The interface of this website can be annoying because of the number of pop-ups. As soon as you open the homepage of this site and click anywhere on the screen a pop-up will be displayed.The site is among the popular anime streaming sites, especially in United Nations and the United Kingdom. The site is recorded to have monthly traffic of 11 million.

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The list is prepared by thorough search and trusted and the best alternatives have been provided to you. Hopingly, these alternatives to Soul Anime will not disappoint you. However, all the websites are not completely free so check accordingly and don’t pay hefty subscription charges.