‘VexMovies’ Alternatives For Watching Free Movies

In case you are a fan of Vexmovies website then don’t worry we have brought you this article you which contains a list of some websites which can be used as alternatives to Vexmovies.

Some of the users found that this website is not working or is banned in some areas. That’s why they need to replace it. I totally agree that this website is mind blowing but the fact is it’s not working anymore to watch movies and TV shows.

There still exist a lot of such websites which can be used as the alternative to stream movies and TV shows for free of cost just by using your internet connection. There still exist a lot of such websites which can be used as free platforms to stream movies and other TV shows.


Here in this article, we will have a look at some of these sites. We have discussed the top 10 websites which can be used as the best alternative to Vexmovies.

You can choose any of these sites to stream free online movies and TV shows. Before going to the list of these sites, we have discussed some facts about Vexmovies and some of its features.

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What is VexMovies?

If you are a movie lover then you can relate that we are always looking for the sites which provide streaming of movies and shows for free of cost. VexMovies is one such site which fulfils all the needs of a movie lover they are expecting from a streaming site.

Latest movies are available on the top page so that you can stream them just by one click without putting effort in searching for them. There are a lot of movie streaming sites on the internet which provide movies for free of cost in HD quality.

The database of Vexmovies site provides a huge database which updates on a regular basis. The best part of this website is that it will not disturb you with any kind of advertisements and there is no need to register on the site.

But unfortunately, due to some reasons, the VexMovies site is not working anymore. Although you can stream movies and shows on other such sites which you just need to find out. So here we have discussed such sites to be used as the alternative of VexMovies. Let’s get started.

Top VexMovies Alternatives in 2024

Here we have discussed a list of the top 10 sites to be used as the best alternative to Vexmovies. So let’s get started.

1. Viooz

Viooz is a newly launched website which allows streaming of movies and TV shows to the users. This website is designed very well. It is simple and easy to use. The interface provided by this website is user-friendly and very interactive. There are a lot of similarities between Vexmovies and Viooz streaming sites.

One of the only and biggest cons of this site is you will get irritated with a lot of pop-up ads while using the site. But it gets updated regularly and provides you with the newly released movies soon on the site. If you can deal with the irritating advertisements then go for this one.

2. CMovies

Here our next alternative site is Cmovies which provides a well-designed and user-friendly interface to its users which is much similar to Vexmovies. This site is very popular and demanding amongst users. This website fulfills all the requirements of a streaming lover.

It provides streaming of movies and shows for free of cost with a user-friendly interface and that’s why it’s much popular amongst users. More than a thousand people follow this site on Twitter and they are always looking forward to the new features to be added on the site which can be taken as the popularity of this site.

3. Movie Ninja

Movie Ninja is another such site which provides a huge collection of movies and TV shows in different sections to stream. You can use this site as the best alternative to Vexmovies to stream newly released movies and shows.

There is no need for any kind of registration on this site to stream on the site. You can alos add some contents in your watch list and can share it with other users or with your friends.

If you want recommendations for the upcoming sessions of your favourite then you can become a Ninja on the site. This site also allows you to download the movies and shows to stream offline.

4. MFree4u

Our another best alternative site to be used for streaming movies and shows is MFree4u which is also a reliable site for streaming. It provides a good collection of movies and TV shows. The features provided by this site are much similar to Vexmovies.

You will not get irritated with any kind of buffering on this site if you have a good internet connection. It provides newly released movies soon on the site so that you can enjoy new movies and shows.

The site is free of cost and you don’t need to register on it. The loading is much faster on this site. The interface is so simple which is liked by some people while some found them boring.

5. SnagFilms

SnagFilms provides a very vast collection of movies, web series and other TV shows which are available in various genres such as history, sports, kids, wildlife, pride, family, thriller and much more to explore.

The interface provided by the site is well developed, simple and user-friendly. This website is grown to be a competition to Vexmovies site as both of them provide free movies and shows with a lot of similar features.

The only downside of this site is that you may get annoyed by some advertisements. If you can deal with the ads then you should go for it. Not only best features and user-friendly interface but it also provides a vast collection of movies and shows to explore.

6. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is also one of the best sites just like Vexmovies which is designed best with many features. It doesn’t only provide movies but it also provides a lot of TV shows, original shows from Netflix and a lot of other videos to stream.

The look provided to the site is fabulous and contains a vast variety of shows and movies to watch which are available in different genres and years of release.

It provides content from different sources like Amazon and Netflix and it also provides the IMDB ratings so that you choose a movie according to it. It also mentions a little summary of the movie with it so that you can get a little information about it.

7. Zmovies

Our next most popular and widely used website to stream movies and shows is Zmovies. This website has a lot of similarities with Vexmovies. You can stream about 3500 movies and a vast variety of TV shows on this site. You just have to register on the site and accept their terms and conditions to stream movies and shows.

You will have to login to the site to enjoy your favourite movies and shows. This site comes with a simple interface. The movies are available in different genres like documentary, action, thriller, drama, biography, comedy and much more. You can also choose a resolution to stream.

8. Rainierland

Rainierland streaming site comes with a vast database of movies to stream which comes in various genres including from action to adventure. You can use this site as a best alternative to Vexmovies.

It provides you with a section of recently uploaded movies on the site. You can choose your favourite movie from the vast variety.

It also allows you to stream newly launched movies on the site. You may get some ads on the site but they are limited and will not disturb you again and again. One of the only drawbacks of the site is that it is not very welcoming for the users to visit again.

9. Vidics

Our other best site to be used as an alternative to VexMovies is Vidics. You can stream the contents from all around the earth on this site. So that you can enjoy your favourite show or movie from anywhere in the world.

It allows you to stream your favourite movie without wasting any of your precious time in searching for it. This one is a well organised platform. All the videos on the site are available in two categories.

The TV shows are available in a different section on the site so that you can stream them easily. The TV shows get updated regularly. You can watch your favorite show in this section.

10. Fmovies

Our last but not least site to be used as the best alternative to Fmovies is Vexmovies to stream online movies and shows. This one is a well designed site with an aesthetic look having a dark background with accents of blue lights which is calm to the eyes when opened up.

This one can be used as the best replacement site for Vexmovies. Mostly the streaming sites come with a white background which can be irritating to eyes mostly at night but this one has a dark background so that you can stream it at night.

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Now that we have discussed these top 10 best alternatives to Vexmovies, you can choose any one of them which suits your needs and choices.

All the sites discussed above are best and hand picked. All of them are available for free of cost and we have mentioned some of the essential information along with the movie name. So choose any of the sites and enjoy steaming your favourite movies and shows.