Top 7 ‘HyfyTV’ Alternatives

HyfyTV is a newly launched application. It allows you to stream live shows and other content on all android devices for free of cost. The interface provided by this application is unique which makes it better than other such apps.

There are a lot of apps present on the internet which allow streaming. Although we have provided a list of best applications that you can use as alternatives to HyfyTV which you can try.


This app provides a particular section for radio and movies. You can stream more than 150 channels on this site in any of the regional languages like Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam and much more.

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Top 7 HyfyTV Alternatives 2024

There are a lot of people who use HyfyTV to stream live TV channels on their android devices. Most people don’t want to use a typical TV to stream shows and movies and that’s why they are looking for some applications to stream them on their android devices.

Most of the people uses HyfyTV but sometimes it gets down or doesn’t work at all. That’s they want an alternative application of it. I am pretty sure you are also looking for alternative application of HyfyTV and that’s why you are here.

So let’s go to our list which provides some best applications to be used as the alternative to HyfyTV. So let’s get started.

1. Jio TV

I am pretty sure you are aware of this name. Jio TV is a very popular name in India to watch live TV channels using your internet connection. The best part of this app is that it is available for free of cost. It allows you to stream live cricket, Movies, News, Shows and any other sports. Reliance Jio company has not only launched SIM card and devices but it has also launched a lot of usefull applications on the Google Play Store to be downloaded and used which includes JioMusic, JioSavan, JioPlay TV amduch more.

These applications are only available for jio SIM users and you can use it as a good alternative to HyfyTV for free of cost. It offers more than 700 channels in 15 different regional languages. Jio TV app is available for you even if you are not a Jio SIM user.

2. Ckaytv

Most people want another way to watch TV shows and that’s why Live TV applications have gained a huge popularity these days. Some people want to stream TV shows even if they are not at home. There are a lot of such apps which provide live TV shows. Some of them are available for free of cost while some are paid.

Mostly the free apps are not functional at all. CKayTV is available for free of cost and is functional too. Even sometimes it’s better than other such paid apps. It provides channels for every criteria including Movies, Music, kids, sports and much more.

3. TeaTV

TeaTV is also a popular platform amongst users these days for streaming Live TV channels on android devices. I have even used this application some time ago and found it interesting. It is not available for free of cost. You will have to pay to enjoy its paid services. You can try this application and you will find it useful for sure. It provides a lot of live TV channels to stream and enjoy including Movies, Music, Kids, sports and much more.

4. Gomax Live

Our next popular torrenting platform is GOMAX Live TV which is very popular in India and all around the world. You can use it as a best alternative to enjoy your favourite videos, shows, Dance shows, serials, episodes and much more. The contents available on GOMAX TV are provided in a lot of different categories such as serials, TV shows, Live TV, popular live events, songs and much more.

These contents are available in different languages such as Christian, Hindi, Malayalam, English, Islamic, Tamil, Kannada and other such regional languages. You can but its premium plan if you can afford although now you can enjoy all the live streaming channels for free of cost. For streaming it free of cost, you will have to download an application “GOMAX Live TV ”.

5. Oreo TV

Our next alternative to HyfyTV is Oreo TV which is available for free of cost and is used in any android devices. This one is also a very popular site amongst users to stream live TV channels for free of cost. Nowadays, the OreoTV mod is not working in some android TVs. That’s why everyone is looking for an alternative application. It provides less TV channels to stream in comparison to other such platforms.

6. Cloud TV

Cloud TV is the best and very popular platform to be used as an alternative to HyfyTV to watch live TV channels in good quality. Almost all the TV channels are available on this site in many different languages including Hindi, English, French, Spanish, Japanese and much more. It supports many operating system including Windows, Android, iOs, Modi, BlueStacks and much more.

7. Cliver TV

If you are a resident of Argentina, Spain, Columbia or Mexico then this is a great app for you to stream live TV channels for free of cost. There are both websites and applications available for Cliver TV .

It provides a huge library of movies having more than thousands of movies. The movies available on it are available in different genres including Horror, comedy, thriller, action, drama, kids and much more to stream. It even provides TV shows in full HD quality for free of cost.

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Here we have discussed some of the best sites which you can use as alternatives to HyfyTV. You can choose any of the sites which suit your needs best. All of them are hand-picked and best. I am pretty sure you will like them and will be able to choose the best site for streaming Live TV channels. All these sites are available for free of cost so that you can use them without paying.