13 Best ‘Movie4u’ Alternatives

Are you a movie person? Do you watch a lot of movies? Especially on the Movie4u platform? Then, you are at the right place. This article helps you in finding alternatives to the Movie4u website. You may find some websites that are much better than Movie4u.

First of all, Movie4u is an awesome platform for watching amazing movies online. It has a rich collection of movies. You do not need another site of this site is this good, right?

But, what happens if the site guesses down or what if you couldn’t find your favorite movies due to copyright strikes? And that’s where this article comes in. This article helps you in informing the best alternatives to Movie4u.


13 Best Movie4u Alternatives

1. Los Movies

This site is a very unique-looking movie site. It has a large movie collection which may also include the latest movies. So, if you want to watch a movie, you need to press on the movie and you will be redirected to another page where you will be provided with the available servers.

You need to choose one of those servers and start streaming the movie online. You can also find the movies based on their alphabet.

There is also a search option provided where you can search movies by entering the text in the search box. You can also customize your streaming resolution as per your available network connectivity.

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2. Vmovee

Vmovee is also one of the good movie hosting platforms. It has a large collection of movies. You can find the movie based on the alphabet. There are a lot of movie genres to be watched that are available on the site.

It also has an option called featured movies where you will be recommended some movies based on the based ratings from the viewers. You can also know some facts about movies, a short description of the movie, the category the movie falls into and such little details of you are interested.

3. Movies123

Like all the other sites in the list, movies123 is another great site for movie streaming. What is unlikely though, this website updates its content much frequently than other sites. So, you can enjoy the content you receive on the site because it is fresh, latest, and updated.

Also, the website looks neat and professional. You have options on the website where you can choose movies based on country, upcoming. You can also find web series on this site. If you like watching movies of a particular genre, you can do that simply by selecting your favorite genre. Oh yeah, there is also a search bar included.

4. Yesmovies

Are you that person who prefers dark team over light them? Then, this website is surely for you. It comes with a dark-themed background. This website is so much popular that there are some other websites trying to resemble the same as this website. It has a great movie collection. You can find movies that are released in a particular year.

You can also find movies based on the country from which they are originated. There are also TV shows on this site. It also offers you a little context about your movies like a short description, actors involved, IMDB rating, etc. Also, this site doesn’t bombard you with a lot of ads.

5. SnagFilms

This website is unique, like really unique from its counterpart websites. The traditional websites in the list try to offer you the latest and greatest, modern movies. But, this website serves your purpose of are into watching old movies. Yes, it has a large collection of retro movies online.

Also, another cool feature is this website verifies the movies that are being uploaded on it. What does this mean to you? You need not worry about finding many mirrors to stream your favourite movie. Once the movie is verified, it stays on the domain of the site forever. Basic features like search bar is offered too.

6. Movie777

This site’s primary focus is on providing top rated movies. No doubt, it provides and recommends you the top movies. But, this site offers you movies that are mostly originated from Malaysia. So, if you are a local living in Malaysia, then this is probably for you. That doesn’t mean it do not have any Hollywood content. It also has some great Hollywood movies.

7. MovieNinja

The homepage of this website features top-rated movies and the latest movies. You can stream in HD quality. What’s better in this website is that it recommends movies based on your previously watched movies on this site.

You can also watch TV series on this site. Basic features like the search bar and sorting according to the genre are included. Also, the website comes with a dark-themed background. It also features movies that are most watched in the week on the site. The website is simple and neat-looking.

8. Gomovies

Go movies has to be one of the top 3 websites on this list. It is nicely packed with a lot of movies from different genres. You can find comedy movies, action movies, documentaries, crime movies, thriller movies, adventure movies, fictional movies, classics, animated films, family movies and etc. It gives you a little context about the movie. Also, you can select movies based on the country.

You can also search movies by entering the text from the search bar. You can also find the IMDB ratings of the movie. It also recommends movies from the same genre of the movie that you are currently watching. If you are encountering a lot of ads, then you can switch to another server which may solve the problem. The streaming will be seamless if you have a good connection and the quality of the movies is good too.

9. IOMovies

Most of this website resembles Movie Ninja. A unique feature of this website is that it provides a feature called great movies where you can find movies that are highly rated and most liked by the viewers. You can make use of the search bar to find your favorite movies or the movies which you are looking for. From the website design perspective, it is mostly similar to the movie ninja.

10. Primewire

It is one of the top websites for movie streaming. The website is beat looking and well organized. You can find movies based on the country of origin, genre, and year of release. You can find sci-fi movies, family movies, dreams movies, historic movies, romantic movies, thriller movies, animated movies, action movies, crime movies, documentaries and movies based on sports, mystery and etc.

Not just movies, you can also find TV shows, game shows on the site too. There is a separate section for top-rated IMDB movies. There is an option called trending which shows movies that is mostly watched by the viewers. You will have a seamless experience on this site. You can watch movies in HD quality.

Also, a short description of the movie is given too. What else do you need from a movie streaming website? Primewire is definitely one of the best alternatives to Movie4u.

11. LetMeWatchThis

This website is more like Primewire. It has a huge collection of movies and TV shows. It offers you the latest movies and alongside it also offers old movies too. You can search for movies using the search bar. Also, there is a short description of the movie. You will be satisfied with the streaming experience on this site.

12. GoStream

Gostream is yet another popular site for streaming movies. Like all the other websites on this list, you need not undergo any login/ registration process to watch movies. You can watch movies on the go by just selecting the movie and clicking on the play button. There are a wide variety of movies with a lot of movie genres. It also has a section with a list of most-watched movies by viewers. So, you can use that section if you want to have a look at the popular movies.

13. Afdah

Afdah is one of the popular movie streaming sites. It has a simple UI (user interface). The website looks simple too. You can watch movies based on the alphabet, its year of release. It also features popular movies and the latest movies. you can stream the movies in HD quality as well. You can make use of the search bar if you are looking for a specific movie by entering the name of the movie in the search bar.

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So, if you are a movie lover and if you enjoy watching movies, this article can help you in satisfying your movie craving. The primary focus of this article has been on providing alternatives to Movie4u. You can choose the websites from the mentioned 13 sites. We hope you will find a site that is much interesting and useful than Movie4u.

Just visit every website listed on this article and you will definitely feel satisfied with one of the websites as a Movie4u alternative. Have a look at the features of the website and choose the one which suits you the best. Thanks for reading the article.