5 Best ‘Writing Tools’ to Make Your Life Easier

When it comes to finding the best writing tools, you’ll adore this list because our writers have selected some of the best of the best in 2020.

Even though you equate college with independence, maturity, travel, and wild parties, the reality is that it’s a gruelling experience.

It’s common for students to explore for alternatives to their heavy workloads in college by asking, “Is there anything else I can do?” “Why don’t you do my homework? I’ll foot the bill “, it is.

Academic writing is a fundamental component of all college tasks, including essays, presentations, reviews, term papers, and more.

You need to combine logic, organisation, investigation, and creativity in order to execute these tasks, but not all young people are capable of doing so. You no longer have to struggle with math because there are now online math tutors to aid you.

We’ve done a lot of research and come up with a list of the greatest and most reliable writing tools to help you with your schoolwork and other writing assignments.

Make Your Life Easier With These 5 Writing Tools!

College assignment help is an option if you struggle with concentration and time management. However, before you turn to this service, consider the alternatives that might boost your productivity and creativity.

With the help of writing applications, you don’t have to put in long hours of research or wait for the creative juices to flow. Useful software can be found on this list:

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1. Cold Turkey

When it comes to essays, those who are prone to procrastination and lack focus need Cold Turkey Writer. Laptops and smartphones are a big part of the procrastination problem among college students.

Even though their tasks have very short deadlines, some college students can’t resist checking their social media accounts for even the smallest amount of time.

It’s possible to turn off social media, Netflix, video games, and YouTube to focus on the task at hand with the help of Cold Turkey Writer Simply pick a writing goal (such as the number of words or hours you want to spend on it), and the programme will prevent you from using any distractions until you’ve reached your objective.

2. Scrivener

Scrivener will be most useful to students who have difficulty completing lengthy term papers and dissertations. It’s impossible to compare the difficulty of writing big and complex papers to writing an essay or review.


Scrivener may be used to organise everything. Scrivener software has all the functionality you’d expect from a word processor, but it also includes tools for organising, navigating, and revising your project.

Each chapter is readily visible here, so you may reorganise them as needed, plan out the overall framework, and break the work up into manageable chunks. Aside from referencing tools (such as photos, PDF documents, and websites), your writing can be exported to a variety of formats.

3. Writer’s Companion Pro

With Pro Writing Aid, not only academic writers but also bloggers, copywriters, and editors can benefit from this cloud-based writing tool.

In order to make your writing better and make it easier to read, the major purpose of Pro Writing Aid is to identify and correct potential problems with grammar, style, and punctuation. Premium features are available for purchase, although the free version works just fine.

4. Writer for LibreOffice

LibreOffice Writer is a useful tool for students who want to write, edit, and proofread their papers all in one place. This software can help you make your work look clean and well-structured, while still allowing you to keep your attention on the content.

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5. Canva

Canva is the ideal writing tool for when we need more than just words to express ourselves. Using this software, you may generate compelling visuals, drawings, and diagrams to support your arguments.