9 Best ‘TorrentKing’ Alternatives

If you are downloading and torrenting movies, series or any other content by using torrent repositories then let me tell you it’s never reliable and safe. It may be possible that a site may work one day and you can easily download your favorite movies or TV shows and the other day, this site is not working.

For example, you may have noticed that sites like PirateBay and KickassTorrents are not always available. There are still some sites that are available and can be used for downloading torrents.

You can use these torrenting sites to download your favorite movie, games, web series or TV shows. Keeping your torrenting needs in mind, we have provided you this article with a list of such sites.


9 TorrentKing Alternatives

Here we go with the list of the top 9 Sites for torrenting which you can use as an alternative to TorrentKing. So let’s get started.

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1. 1337X

The 1337X torrenting site has become very popular since other torrenting sites like PirateBay and KickassTorrent are not working. You can download and enjoy any movie from Hollywood and TV series.

The user interface is easy to use and user-friendly which allows you to easily browse newly added contents without wasting your precious time. You can also access various kinds of video games, software, and a lot of other content on this site.

As similar to other torrenting sites, this one will also show you some ads for its presence. It doesn’t provide a vast collection of content when compared to other sites like KickassTorrent and PirateBay. But you know something is better than nothing. There is enough content to stream and enjoy.

Pros of 1337X

1: Huge library of movies and TV shows.

2: You can also access video games, anime, software, tutorials, and documents on this site.

3: Easy and user-friendly interface.

Cons of 1337X

1: It will irritate you with a lot of advertisements.

2: Some torrents available on the site may not exist or be broken.


This one is one of the best sites to be used as an alternative to PirateBay or KickassTorrent. You can use this one if you want a good site to download TV shows and movies. The contents are available in various sections like TV shows, movies, music, anime, documents and manga etc. All of them are provided in different categories. There is nothing unique or best about this site.

The worst part is that it doesn’t get updated regularly. You may find that some contents are too old and the website may not work sometimes. The background of that website may be irritating for the eyes sometimes.It also has some good sides. You can easily download the torrent which you want to stream. It provides a blog to provide new movie series and all other stuff. People have been using this site since 2008 and that’s why you can go for it.

Pros of RARBG

1: Contents are available in different genres.

2: This platform has been available since 2008.

3: Keep you updated with the news of upcoming contents.

Cons of RARBG

1: Irritates with so many advertisements.

2: This site can go down sometimes.

3.  Zooqle

Zooqle platform is like a decentral form of Google. The main focus of this site is TV shows instead of movies. This site provides a lot of mini series on HBO like Game of Thrones, catastrophic tale and much more. The contents are available in various genres including sci-fi, comedy, thriller, fantasy, drama and much more which can be downloaded to stream offline.

As we have told earlier, this website is decentralised and you need data to register on it, to provide the encryption for password protection and also for log deletion. It is fully encrypted and no one can track you while using it. This site will disturb you with some pop-up ads while using it.

Pros of Zooqle

1: Highly secured platform.

2: Regularly updates with new shows and provides a vast library of series and movies.

3: Easily accessible.

Cons of Zooqle

1: Need to be registered.

2: Irritates with advertisements.

4. YTS.am

You can stream YIFY movies on this site but it doesn’t support the YIFY group. It provides a huge library of TV shows and movies and allows you to choose quality ranging from 720 to 3D quality. The contents are grouped in different genres like drama, thriller, fantasy, drama and much more to explore.

The main focus of this site is to provide the original movies of YIFY and to let you enjoy a lot of high grade movies in good quality. It Irritates with a lot of advertisements to support its online presence that’s you while using the site. The movies are provided with IMDB ratings and a little summary so that you get some information related to it.

Pros of YTS.am

1: Provides original YIFY movies.

2: Allow you to choose the quality of the movie.

3: Provides summary and IMDB ratings with movies.

Cons of YTS.am

1: Shows a lot of pop-up ads.

5. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is a simple and easy platform although it provides a huge library of contents to explore. It allows you to stream a lot of movies, series, TV shows, documentaries, music, games and much more.

The movies can be searched by its name, year of release, actor name etc. There is a proxy of this site so that you can use it if this site goes down in any situation which is a very unique feature.

You will have to just sign up on the site and believe me it’s worth it. You can stream movies and shows in high quality. It doesn’t provide 18+ contents so if you want to stream them then go for another site.

It also allows you to share your contents just by creating an account on the site. This site has been available since 2009 and is free of cost. It is an ad based site. So it will just show you some ads to stream contents on the site.

Pros of LimeTorrents

1: User friendly interface.

2: Contents are available in different categories.

3: Easily accessible.

4: No need to register.

Cons of LimeTorrents

1: A lot of pop-up ads.

6. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a most popular torrenting site for streaming movies, shows and other contents. It gets updates frequently so that you can enjoy newly released movies and shows. It provides many contents including tutorials, movies, TV shows, music, games, documentaries, anime and a lot more. It is a leading platform amongst torrenting sites. But there are some drawbacks which can discourage this site.

One of the major drawbacks is it doesn’t allotts you the meta link to download the movie. This website is under government attack so it can discontinue in the future. It provides less advertisements when compared to its other competitors and the ads are not pop-up.

Pros of The Pirate Bay

1: Most popular platform for torrent search engines.

2: This one is a user-supported site and gets updated on a regular basis.

3: Less ads in comparison to other such sites.

4: Provides proxy servers if it gets down.

Cons of The Pirate Bay

1: Not so user-friendly.

2: Under government attack to discontinue it.

7. KAT.cr

KAT is also known as Kick-ass torrents and it is also a most popular platform for torrents search engine. It has many features common to PirateBay. It has also suffered from shut down risks. It provides a huge library of movies, web series, TV shows, videos, games, music, e-books and other such contents.

The best part is that it provides the users with meta links to download contents. The worst part is it doesn’t provide torrents from other engines. It also allows you to upload files on the site. It is available for free of cost.

Pros of KAT.cr

1: It is the most huge file library.

2: It provides meta links to the users.

3: It is easily accessible.

4: Shows less ads in comparison to other such sites.

Cons of KAT.cr

1: There exists many fake sites of KAT.cr.

2: It gets targeted and attacked many times.

3: The domain name changes often.

8. IsoHunt

IsoHunt is another torrenting site which you can use for torrenting. It provides peer-to-peer service and end-to-end data encryption. It gets updated daily and provides a lot of content including games, movies, shows, music and other contents. You can use this site as a great alternative when other popular sites get down.

Pros of IsoHunt

1: Provides a huge library of contents.

2: Easily accessible.

3: Much stable in comparison to other such sites.

Cons of IsoHunt

1: Shows a lot of advertisements.

9. TorrentRover

Our last but not least torrenting site is TorrentRover. There is also a desktop app available for this site. The best part of the site is it is ad-free. Although it has a page for donation for its online presence. You can stream TV Shows, movies, music and other such contents on this site. It goes down very quickly and comes back.

Pros of TorrentRover

1: Provides a desktop app.

2: Provides less or no ads. 3: Open a page for donation.

Cons of  TorrentRover

1: Not that much stable.

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Now that you know about all these top 9 torrenting sites to be used as a good alternative to TorrentKing. I am pretty sure you have chosen any of them which suits your needs. Thanks for reading this and happy torrenting.