9 Best ‘Sarahah’ Alternatives in 2024

Sarahah is a mobile application for Android, iOS, and the Internet that allows users to post content links and receive anonymous answers. Workers and employers generally use this app to share words of recognition, reassurance, answers, and other data.

Despite the great initial response, there have been numerous complaints that Sarahah keeps track of its users’ addresses on their website and that apps like this encourage misuse.

A mother from Australia started an online petition after her daughter was molested by her friends, urging that Sarahah and similar apps be banned down.


9 Best Alternatives to Sarahah

There are several different options to Sarahah, which are listed below.

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1. Spout

Spout is a free, anonymous chat programme that allows users to locate themselves and speak with others nearby. The Spout software works on both iPhone and Android devices, and users may connect to it from anywhere in the world at any time.

Users can also use this app to express whatever is on their minds, tell about themselves, obtain advice, offer suggestions, and check what other people are saying.

It also allows users to communicate with people in their immediate vicinity or all over the world, regardless of whether they are in their home, college, office, or on the road. Spout allows you to manage your account online while keeping your personal information private.

Furthermore, there is no need to create an account in order to communicate in Spout, preserving the privacy of the message sender and allowing them to express themselves without fear of being criticised.

2. Lipsi

Users can find random people in school, college, a cafeteria, or anywhere else with the help of this fantastic platform. For many of today’s youth, the app has proven to be essential.

It’s a simple and convenient social communication and engagement platform; all you have to do is download the app and enter some information to identify your preferences.

Additionally, all of your information is kept private from other users, allowing you to search and talk anonymously. Lipsi is a robust chat feature that lets users send and receive unlimited messages, share photos and videos, and play online games.

Along with this, the programme includes a powerful search function, message history, the ability to block any user, the ability to leave a comment, and a number of other features.

Finally, users can utilise the Lipsi – Anonymous Messenger programme to meet other random people in their neighbourhood in a private setting.

3. Stupid Conversation

StupidChat is more than simply a messaging service; it’s also a hidden Network site where users may meet new people.

Being untraceable and sharing whatever you want without being judged by the community for your ethnicity, spirituality, or other characteristics is private, secure, and a lot of fun.

It’s a simple programme that allows us to communicate with other representatives in our area without disclosing our true identities. The Stupid Chat app is a basic programme that requires you to create a secret identity, make friends, and create a system.

Users can also enjoy covertly answering questions or polling data, sending nice polls to friends, checking your list of pals on a graph, creating groups to collect and submit information, and having a fun time.

When compared to other private apps, it offers the maximum privacy and ensures that no one else learns anything about you.

4. Whisper

Whisper is a software that allows people all around the world to share their honest sentiments, opinions, business proposals, and receive internal information. It is a social networking site that allows users to anonymously publish and upload photos, videos, and writings.

It includes a number of features that are beneficial to people who want a place where they may enjoy privacy while also having access to other information.

The tool allows users to respond to the text privately or publicly. It already has over 30 million users globally who contribute a wealth of confidential information every few weeks.

The hidden chatroom feature, which allows users to connect with other representatives without disclosing their identities, is also the most gratifying and pleasant component of this site. Whispers is a Whisper posting that comprises, among other things, messages, video clips, photographs, and Memes.

5. Candid

Candid is a free iOS and Android mobile application for private conversations produced by Voiceme Pvt Ltd. The website allows users to freely express their deepest feelings, profound feelings, deep ideas, and other private information.

People who are unemployed, have family issues, are gloomy thinkers, or have damaged relationships can anonymously express their feelings. To use the app, you must first sign up with Facebook, validate your email address, and remain anonymous.

Apart from that, users are free to use any pseudonym they want and portray themselves without fear of being criticised. This programme allows you to express your honest feelings through private voice and text confessions.

It also has a number of categories, such as Personal, Societal, Medical, Work, and Profession, and you may even make your own to express your feelings.

6. Sayat

Sayat is a free messaging software that lets you gather private, accurate, and true information from your friends and followers.

The platform allows you to communicate privately with anybody you want. This open and honest criticism will help you figure out how your personality differs from how others see you.

Apart from that, users can write almost whatever they like, such as what they like or dislike about the person. The key benefit of this software is that no personal information is shared with anyone, and you can remain anonymous at all times.

The only pieces of information shared with others are your sexes and an informal username. Users can also post anything they want that they couldn’t share on Facebook or other social media sites.

Sayat provides a number of distinguishing features, including multilingual support, a clear and intuitive layout, a private chat room, and more. You have complete control over how you locate and distribute content, as well as how you upload and enjoy photos.

7. Invisibly

It is a free messenger application. The general populace is unaware of it and dislikes it. Despite this, users continue to utilise such an application.

This portal allows users to have conversations with others. A post can be downvoted or upvoted by any user. They can thereby increase the exposure of a post. The app’s user interface is quite useful and practical.

Furthermore, secretly gives users with a completely private avenue through which they may confidently express their experiences.

Contact information, an email address, and social network login credentials are required by other applications. However, unlike the others, it does not ask for such information publicly.

8. Following School

After School is a school-based anonymous and personal messaging software that allows pupils to express themselves without revealing their identity. You can clearly and securely submit confessions and receive interesting information, hilarious experiences, thoughts, and compliments.

The After School app ensures complete anonymity; all you have to do is download it and start questioning. With the use of this software, you can covertly like, subscribe, and distribute any material to acquire more feels and views.

It also offers a personal discussion function, similar to other similar apps, that allows users to send audio, video, and text messages without restriction. After School is a pleasant social app for everyone who wants to share their innermost thoughts with others.

9. Vent

Another useful site that allows individuals to communicate their feelings with others is Vent. Sharing privacy and confidentiality is more enjoyable than sharing your true identity.

It is the finest place to share personal information, sentiments, and shortcomings. Furthermore, this site assists people in solving problems and seeking guidance because it is difficult for them to discuss these issues with their family and friends.

As a result, it resolves your issue without revealing your identify. Users can also interact with other people using specialised icons and share their ideas and feelings in ways they’ve never done before.

The Vent app includes adverts, and if you want to eliminate them or access additional features, you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium plan.

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Other Sarahah options exist for users who want to receive secret remarks from others. People feel free to give honest feedback in an anonymous situation, according to experts. However, there are times when honesty may go beyond a certain point.

Anonymity, according to psychology, can lead to violent and abusive behaviour. As a result, visitors to Sarahah or comparable systems should expect negative feedback and modify accordingly. Please share your thoughts and questions in the space below.