11 Best IP Camera Software and IP Camera Viewer

Camera Software and Camera Viewer: The web camera is used extensively for video calls on desktop and laptop computers. Webcams are being used by a wide range of people on a daily basis.

.Aside from keeping a watch on your home, business, parking lot or any other location where you require security, an IP camera may also be utilised for this purpose. Also, it lets you watch live video from USB or IP cameras on your computer. It is, in fact, a webcam that functions as a camcorder.

IP Camera Software

Installing a WiFi camera in your house is inexpensive and straightforward. In addition, it is suitable for the security of your dream house. Wi-Fi cameras may be readily installed throughout your home.

What Exactly is an IP Camera?

First and foremost, it’s just a webcam with a built-in microphone. In addition, it uses the system association to communicate with the central server. An IP camera, on the other hand, has a unique advantage over CCTV cameras. It’s a critical tool for alternate methods of remote monitoring.

In my opinion, it’s the best moving-object camera out there. Furthermore, it provides a high-quality image and video. The benefit of IP cameras is that they may communicate with each other in both directions. Clients are free to make any decision they want in light of the occurrence.

Best IP Camera Software

This application is a web-based video monitoring framework. We’ve provided you with information about the best IP camera software on the market.

1. IP Camera Viewer

It’s a replacement for the shoddy software out there now. It serves the purpose for which it was named. Using IP Camera Viewer, you may take a close look at all of your system’s IP cameras. You can quickly add up to four Wi-Fi cameras to the software and have them appear on your screen on a regular basis.

Installing cameras in the app is a multi-step process.

Step 1. Adding a camera is as simple as clicking the Add Camera icon. After that, decide whether you want an IP camera or a USB webcam attached to it.

Step 2. Secondly, enter the Wi-Fi camera’s IP address and port number.

Step 3. Make sure your camera’s ID and secret key are provided in the third step.

Step 4. To finish off, pick out the brand and model of camera you’re going to use.

Step 5. In addition, if you want to make sure your settings are correct, click the “Test Connection” button.

Step 6. Once you’ve completed the previous steps, click OK to bring the camera to the main page.

Highlights like movement detection and alerts are clearly visible.

2. iSpy

iSpyConnect is the company behind iSpy. When using an IP camera or webcam for security purposes, you can use open-source software to connect to your camera. The iSpy website or your own can be used to watch. In the case of IP cameras, a feature like PTZ enabled allows you to take advantage of the cameras.

It helps you to make the most of your camera’s capabilities. Some unique capabilities include the ability to speak through the site and to screen and tune in to the microphones you’ve put up for the meeting. iSpy Connect allows for remote monitoring of the device. Tweets, emails, and SMS can quickly alert you when something is happening.

Open-source video surveillance software, iSpy, is available for free download. With iSpy, you can monitor anything on your computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world. You may see the live video feed and control the camera from your mobile device. Cameras and mouthpieces can be used in a variety of ways. The video can be readily moved to a distributed storage system.

3. Xeoma

On the company’s official website, Xeoma can be downloaded for free. The process of setting it up on your device is quite simple. Committed IP addresses are used in the same way. Cameras connected via Wi-Fi can be simply viewed on your computer. All cameras connected to the app will be displayed as a network while running the app.

This software allows you to view a day’s worth of highlights at a glance. Set up computerised activities, such as movement-identified records and warnings, with ease.

Any camera can be recorded at any moment in time. A screen capture of any camera can be taken using Xeoma. Users can view live video feeds from all four IP cameras using a small, lightweight app.

4. Security Monitor Pro

The paid version of Security Monitor Pro includes a unique feature set that sets it apart from other IP camera monitoring solutions. You can be more flexible with this software. As an FTP server, it is able to support more than 1000 unique IP cameras, as well as a wide range of other devices.

5. ZoneMinder

There are two reasons why ZoneMinder is free: first, it is open-source. Additionally, it is accessible from any Internet-connected device. Other security DVR software in today’s market doesn’t have some of these functions. By enabling merely IP and simple cameras, you can utilise both DVR and NVR frameworks.

With ZoneMinder’s 4K functionality and cloud support, users may achieve their 4K aspirations faster and more easily. There is a lot of data in this application. Additionally, the client gets access to their coordinator to monitor the progress of their outside tasks.

Last but not least, ZoneMinder offers full coverage for your primary residence, company headquarters, and any additional offices you may have. Furthermore, it is designed to work with numerous kinds of server-class equipment and is utilised for both home use and corporate use. The user can download it. To acquire a new perspective, you can easily get a video inspection.

6. iVideon 

A home version and a commercial version of iVideon are available. A well-known free IP camera recording programme, it has a large following. There’s no need to be close to the gadget in order to use it. In the cloud or on your hard drive, the gadgets automatically send a notification. When something unexpected happens or a sound is heard, you will receive an alert on your mobile device immediately.

You don’t have to keep an eye on the screen all the time; it will alert you to any unexpected events. Advanced features allow calculations to spot developments, glimmers in apparatuses, and other alterations that are not visible on any other software.

For Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Windows, iVideon IP Camera software can be downloaded from the internet. It’s like an excellent baby monitor. You’ll receive an immediate notification on your mobile device once it’s been placed in your house.

7. Security Eye

Security Eye is one of the most popular Windows-based video surveillance applications. More than 1200 IP cameras with top-notch video observing software have been powered by it. Any reliable internet connection can be used to watch the live stream from any location on the ground.

When you can quickly access your system from any nearby Wi-Fi cameras, you may effortlessly set up the cameras by their IP addresses. It’s simple to set up at home. It has a built-in camera. Active camera monitoring is available. Video Streams may be pan, tilted, and zoomed with ease.

8. ContaCam

It is possible to employ HD cameras and webcams using ContaCam, which is a free and open-source reconnaissance tool. This is a simple and adaptable programme. Live webcam views and security monitoring are all included in the software. You can use any microphone app for manual recording.

Dropbox can be used as a remote access point for ContaCam. The webserver supports IP cameras, arranged cameras, DV, WDM, and webcams, as well as Intranet and Internet secret phrase authentication. In most cases, it’s utilised to keep an eye on things like security. Video recordings and screenshots from video games are both quite doable tasks. Use it to back up USB devices.

Movement sensors make it simple to send photos via email or FTP whenever there is movement. Many options are available when it comes to webcam setup.

The majority of Contaware’s products are built for Windows. They can, however, be used on MAC and Linux systems. There are only a few Wi-Fi IP camera watchers that are truly free and not just a preliminary edition of the programme.

9. Anycam

In addition to that, Anycam is a free Wi-Fi camera app that monitors IP cameras. It may be utilised with your camera in a matter of seconds by filtering for the correct port.

You only need to know the camera’s IP address to log in whenever you need to. Also, it is one of the most trustworthy IP camera software that supports almost all IP cameras. Using this software, you’ll have access to a high-quality video that can be easily adapted and supported.

Video can be played from any shared system disc with Anycam. The NVR software is simple to set up. It has a low framework prerequisite and is compatible with any Windows version.

10. Freedom VMS

Freedom VMS unquestionably supports the most recent developments in CCTV, including HDCCTV v2, HD-SDI, HD-IP, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, and SD CCTV, to name just a few. You can also play up to four cameras at the same time. Also, the recording can be accessed and viewed from a variety of locations.

Cameras may be simply shifted in position. In addition, you can trade and download movies that have already been filmed. In addition, you may attach it to all cameras or just the ones you choose, and it has functions like DVR, NVR, encoders, and servers that are imaginable.

11. WebcamXP 

Also regarded as the best PC IP camera software, WebcamXP is a popular choice. Setting it up is a breeze because it’s so versatile. It is equipped with a variety of built-in CCTV cameras. With tilt, zoom, and skillet controls, it supports Windows media streams, as well as https posting, FTP, and other protocols. AVI, MOV, MP4, and WMV files can be played back using USB cameras.

There are a variety of system cameras that can be supported by WebcamXP, which is utilised in both business settings and private residences. The movement locator on its website gives you access to all of its operations. PCs running Windows XP and later are ideal for this programme. Windows 10 is now supported by Webcam.

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Last Words

Finally, we’ve included comprehensive information on the IP camera’s software. It’s easy to find the software that’s right for you because of this.