‘Blue Exorcist Season 3’ Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

Anime television series A-1 Pictures made from manga by Viz Media was licenced for North American production by Aniplex of America and later released on DVD by Aniplex.

It is based on the life of Rin Okumura, a teenage boy who discovers that his devil father is actually a human mother, and he and his twin brother, Yukio, are the kids of devils. He is Satan’s heir apparent. One of the exorcists in the film is a blue exorcist.

There are two dimensions in Blue Exorcists’ universe that have been combined into one. This realm is Assiah, where human beings are found. The other is Gehenna, the kingdom of demons.

The possession of something now present in Assiah allows demons to fly there. On the other hand, Satan is unable to locate any hosts capable of supporting him. As a result, he devised a plan to resolve the problem.

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Blue Exorcist Season 3

In the first episode, Rin discovers that he is the son of Satan and decides to become an Exorcist. In the True Cross Academy, he begins his quest and training. Rin’s antics continue to be the focus of the show as he follows his brother.

In the manner of most shonen, the plot revolves around its minor side plots. When Rin travels to war, he loses control of his demonic powers, causing chaos.

A Paladin Exorcist named Mephisto saves Rin from execution by stating that Rin is the ultimate weapon against Satan. Rin is then compelled to learn how to control the demonic flames he has.

Ernst uses Rin’s blood to open a route to Gehenna in the season’s final story arc. In the first scene, the Exorcists aim to put an end to the ghosts forever.

Satan transforms into a gigantic Gehenna Gate and unleashes an army of demons to devour the entire human species. Once they’ve defeated the demons and saved the human species.

Rin and Yukio can return to their exorcist lives for a month to visit their mother’s grave. The series comes to a close in Chapter 14 of Volume 9.

The Kyoto Saga of Blue Exorcist Rin is placed on probation once Grigori realises he is the devil’s son, and the story picks up immediately after that. Because Rin has to be protected, his brother is just as cold toward him as he has always been.

Some of his classmates are less forgiving of his devil’s/satan son status because of the deaths of their own relatives at the hands of Satan, and others are envious of his ability to fight back despite the many challenges he faces.

The season revolves around the Left and Right Eyes of the Impure King. There will be a series of events that culminate in the reunion of the former students.

It’s customary for Aniplex releases to be broken into two halves. As a bonus, you’ll get both Japanese and English dubbed, as well as a text-free opening and ending. Chapter 34 of Volume 9 concludes the season. In 2017, the series came to an end.

On What Day Will Blue Exorcist Season 3 be released?

Blue Exorcist Season 3 has not been officially confirmed by the company A-1 Pictures (ERASED Season 2, Darling in the FranXX, Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 3). Season 2 has been 6 years in the making.

Nevertheless, the majority of anime viewers are eagerly anticipating the next episode, which they believe will air about midway through 2022. Even though no official narrative has been announced, Blue Exorcist season 3 might potentially cover the following 4 or 5 volumes of the manga.

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Season 3 of Blue Exorcist is rumoured to begin with the “Illuminati Arc,” which is the 35th chapter of the manga. Rin and the gang return to Kyoto at the conclusion of Season 2. There will be more shounen beach episodes to come in the next part of the story.

But, as we all know, even in happy, upbeat scenes, there will be dark undertones. Rin and his twin brother are the only ones who can halt an Illuminati conspiracy lead by Lucifer, the King of Light, who plans to resurrect Satan and unleash demons on the globe.