When Does Season 2 of Severance Come Out

The shocking season one finale of Severance, the ultimate work/life balance horror story, on Apple TV+ earlier this year left viewers wanting more information. After all, no one would just leave the future of the series up in the air like that.

In any case, it’s good news that the show got renewed for a second season not long after the first one ended… There’s nothing left to do but watch the clock as we await its return to our screens.

When Does Season 2 of Severance Come Out

When Does Season 2 of Severance Come Out

Wish we could just sever our brains and move on to the next season already. The Ben Stiller-directed dystopia, starring Adam Scott, was consistently slick and clinical… lives, both professional and personal, may hang in the balance now that the grimy, unseen side behind the sheen has been exposed.

Tell me, what’s the most recent development. What follows is a complete and comprehensive look at the future of the innies at Lumon Industries.

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Date of Possible Return of Severance Season 2:.

Severance got renewed for a second season the week before the season one finale aired.

Ben Stiller has commented, “It’s extremely amazing to see the feedback from individuals who are adoring the show — and the level of fan participation” (via Variety).

It’s been a long journey bringing Severance to television; I first read the pilot written by creator Dan Erickson more than five years ago. The story was always intended to span multiple seasons, so I’m thrilled that we’ll be able to keep going. Many thanks to our partners at Apple TV+ for their unwavering support throughout. Kudos to Kier!

The show has been steadily becoming a cult favourite, with viewership increasing week after week, so the renewal is not a huge surprise.

Data aggregator ReelGood reported that by the time Severance had concluded, it had been the most-watched continuous streaming series for four consecutive weeks.

With that jaw-dropping season one finale, it was nearly certain that the cast would return for at least one more season.

When exactly the show will return to our screens, though, is up for discussion. Production began in March 2022, but given the length of time needed for filming and post-production, we anticipate a return in the same February slot as the premiere of Season 1.

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Ben Stiller’s hectic schedule doesn’t help matters, however. Stiller has multiple projects in the go at once. One of them is the film The Bag Man. hanks for reading our article When Does Season 2 of Severance Come Out.