Trevor Noah Talks Tom Brady’s Un-Retirement

He is the most adored and despised athlete in sports, which is why I adore it so much. This guy is one of my favourites. He is the protagonist of the story. Without Tom Brady, what’s the NFL? Like Charlie Sheen’s departure from ‘Two and a Half Men,’ he has left the NFL. In other words, there were still two people left, but who were they? None of them interested us.” Treven Noah, the author

As a result of this move, Tom Brady has unofficially, unofficially, unofficially confirmed himself as the greatest of all time, because you see, this move right here is what all the greatest do—they retire, and they come right back…. Yes, Michael Jordan accomplished it. He pulled it off. Jesus Christ, the greatest of all time. That’s right, he took a three-day break from life before saying, “Nah, the game needs me.” It’s TREVOR NOAH

“Also, some people, like Tom Brady, aren’t cut out for retirement. Consider: He’s been under attack by men the size of small trucks for the past 22 years. Those feelings are caused by a rush of adrenaline. You have no idea how depressing his home life must be at the moment. It’s doubtful that even hiring his own commentators will help.” Treven Noah, the author