Trevor Noah Talks Tom Brady’s Un-Retirement

The fact that he is simultaneously the most beloved and loathed sports figure in history appeals to me greatly. This is a man that I greatly admire. He plays a pivotal role in the story. Where would the NFL be without Tom Brady?

His departure from the NFL is akin to Charlie Sheen’s departure from “Two and a Half Men.” Two and a half men remained, sure, but which two and a half men? No, it wasn’t the guys we were interested in. T. R. Noah

Trevor Noah Talks Tom Brady’s Un-Retirement

This is the kind of move that all the best make, so with this trade, Tom Brady has officially, officially, officially cemented himself as the best of all time. I believe Michael Jordan is the one who accomplished this.

Obviously, Jay-Z was responsible for this. Plus, Jesus is the best of all time. Three days into his retirement, the man said, “Nah, the sport needs me.” T. R. Noah

As an added bonus, “some people are just not meant for the retired life, particularly Tom Brady. Try to put yourself in his shoes: for 22 years, he’s had men the size of small automobiles trying to sort him out.

In other words, that’s your adrenaline pumping. Just try to picture how dull things are at home right now for him. Probably not even having his own team of pundits might help. T. R. Noah

Tom Brady’s Biography

NFL quarterback Tom Brady is a professional football player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He previously played for the New England Patriots for 20 seasons. He is considered to be one of the best quarterbacks to ever play football.

His 2007 season was historically exceptional for a quarterback. He has a sterling reputation as a quarterback thanks to his sharp mind, pinpoint accuracy, and championship-winning prowess.

Tom Brady’s Fortune in 2022: $400 Million.

The quarterback Tom Brady is worth a staggering $250 million. Although Brady signed an outrageously lucrative agreement with Fox Sports to become a commentator after retirement, he chose to return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the upcoming 2022 season, reducing that projected increase.

This does not include any wealth he may have acquired from his soon-to-be ex-wife Gisele Bundchen. It was estimated that the total value of the pair was close to $650 million.

When he was picked 199th overall in the 2000 NFL Draft, this entire situation seemed improbable. The rest, as they say, is history after the New England Patriots signed the Michigan product to serve as Drew Bledsoe’s backup.

Brady signed a $866,500 rookie contract in June of 2000. The deal was for three years. By the time his contract was up, Brady had already won the starting quarterback position, led the Patriots to a Super Bowl victory, and been named the game’s most valuable player.

After Brady won his first championship, the team offered him a $4 year, $29.6 million contract extension.

With this extension, Brady has been rewarded for his continued success. In Brady’s first four seasons as Patriots quarterback, the team went 37-11. Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady has been honoured after New England’s two consecutive Super Bowl victories.

At this point, Brady’s legacy began to take shape and the dynasty was established. In 2005, Brady re-upped for another four years. The price tag for this one was $42.8 million.

A lack of a Super Bowl victory by the Patriots between 2005 and Brady’s next contract in 2010 is surprising. However, Brady was recognised as the league’s most valuable player on two separate occasions and was also awarded offensive player of the year twice during that span.

In each of the last four seasons, New England has ended with at least ten victories, and in 2007, the Patriots went undefeated, finishing the regular season with sixteen wins. Brady signed his record NFL contract in September of 2010. To stay in New England, he signed a $72 million, four-year deal.

The Patriots have made it to the AFC Championship Game every year since 2011. They went to five Super Bowls, winning three times. During that period, Brady won two additional Super Bowl MVP awards and a Lombardi Trophy with the Buccaneers.