‘Everything Went Black’: The Children Caught in a Christmas Parade Tragedy

Damage was already being hinted at via Facebook sites and GoFundMe campaigns: “a broken femur, skull fracture, broken ribs, C4 vertebrae fracture, a bruised lung, and a pneumothorax (collapsed lung)” were among the injuries sustained by a Waukesha South High School multisport player.

11-year-old girl with a broken leg and a concussion at a different hospital from her mother, who was also injured. She’s in intensive care. A saxophone in Waukesha South’s marching band who has had two operations.

Chanda Hahn, 41, was dancing in the parade with her 13-year-old daughter when a S.U.V. blew through and mowed them down because their pompom routine required everyone to “chassé,” or sidestep, to the left.

As a result of this, she discovered that the friend’s house where she’d left her car was actually very close to the location of where the SUV had been dumped earlier. The motorist had ploughed through her friend’s yard and scratched her car in the process, leaving tyre marks in her friend’s yard.

There was a black mitten, a child’s glove, she continued. In our opinion, it became lodged in the SU-V.”

It’s fine until it’s not, you know? The Xtreme Dance Team’s grandmother, Lisa Salb, was proud of her granddaughter’s performance. Although her granddaughter was uninjured, Ms. Salb recalled the panicked search she underwent on a roadway littered with little dead.

“We couldn’t determine which one was her because they all wore the same uniform and cosmetics,” she claimed. One at a time, “I would pray for each one,” he said. “Then I would pray for each one after that, and so on.”

Yaretzi, the fourth of five children in the Becerra-Montes household, said she only barely remembered the crash. On the walkway, her mother and younger sister watched as she was struck.

The 17-year-sister, old’s Ketzally, stated, “We have films,” in response. His top speed was somewhere between 30 and 40 mph.” He slammed her against the back of the truck, which was blaring the band’s music. In the midst of everything, we found her.