Stephen Colbert Debates Catching Omicron on Purpose

Stephen Colbert of The Late Show has issued a piece of pandemic advice, telling people not to go out and deliberately catch COVID-19. For the simple reason that some folks apparently think it’s a great plan.

On Monday night, as demand for immunizations skyrocketed across the country, Stephen Colbert attempted to distinguish reality from fiction concerning the Omicron version.

Stephen Colbert Debates Catching Omicron on Purpose

Stephen Colbert Debates Catching Omicron on Purpose

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio this week announced the first vaccine mandate for commercial enterprises in the United States, which will affect 184,000 businesses due to concerns over the transmissibility of the variation, which is yet little known.

It’s a full spectrum of New York establishments, from “Famous Original Ray’s Pizza” to “Famous Original Ray’s Famous Pizza Ray,” as the Late Show host put it.

De Blasio also mandated that all children 5-11 years old present vaccination records before visiting restaurants, movie theatres, and fitness centres. “That’s wonderful, we’ve got to make it safe for our 6-year-olds to hit the leg press,” Colbert said.

Still, “the only thing spreading faster than Omicron is misinformation from conservatives,” he wrote, citing Georgia lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene’s weekend tweet: “Every single year more than 600,000 people die from cancer in the US.” To our knowledge, there has never been a national shutdown in our country. No academic institution has cancelled classes.

Why? Because cancer is not contagious, you nimrod,” Colbert shot back. That’s like saying, “Cancer is caused by apples, not oranges.”

Not only did Greene cast doubt on the veracity of a viral variation, but other Republicans did as well. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson made this statement on the radio show of Fox News anchor Brian Kilmeade last week: “Fauci did the exact same thing with Aids. He made too much of it.

Last Words

Yes, Aids, the pandemic the federal government famously took too seriously,” Colbert deadpanned. I guess you can go fuck yourself without worrying about getting Aids if the disease was exaggerated, Senator Johnson.