The Charmed Life of Bruce Bozzi

It became clearer and clearer to Mr. Bozzi that much of his identity was derived from others. It is said that “the son of” refers to him at the Palm. Mr. Bozzi married Hollywood agent Bryan Lourd in 2016, becoming “the husband of.” The raucous media figure Andy Cohen and Mr. Bozzi have been BFFs for about 30 years, according to celebrity tabloids. (It’s true that Mr. Diller has invited them on board his boat.)

Mr. Bozzi’s friendship with Sarah Jessica Parker, who has known him since the early ’90s, is vital to him. Because so much of his Palm existence has been devoted to focusing on others, “I think he’d like to be his own person and to be seen as his own person.”

James Bond in a gay bar

Initially, Mr. Bozzi contemplated building a speakeasy-themed restaurant of his own, perhaps in the style of the original Palm. In New York City’s theatrical area, he considered purchasing real estate, but decided against it. There are too many injuries from the previous conflict for him to overcome, he remarked.

The Beverly Hills couple, Mr. Bozzi and Mr. Lourd, have a 14-year-old daughter. Mr. Bozzi said gently, “I don’t want to be an absentee father.” “As a child, I saw my father only a few times.”

Instead, he’s aiming to become a booze tycoon and a well-known voice on podcasts.

Bozzi and his buddy Sondra Baker started selling Mujen Spirits in November after founding them with their mutual money and friendship. Japanese shochu, a colourless and smellless liquor distilled from rice, is the subject of this range of products. In addition to being a Mujen partner, Kenneth Orkin, Mr. Baker’s husband, is a start-up investor and businessman. George Clooney’s Casamigos sold in 2017 for almost $1 billion and Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin is expected to trade for $610 million in 2020, so the potential profits are attractive.

On New Year’s Eve, CNN hosts Anderson Cooper and Jeffrey Cohen drank Mujen while anchoring “New Year’s Eve Live.”