Keisha Lance Bottoms Its Time To Pass The Baton

On Friday, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) explained why she will not be running for a second term, saying, “it is time to pass the torch.”

Clearly, Bottoms added, “it is time to pass the torch on to someone else.” Her comments were delivered on Thursday night, hours after she made the shocking decision to not run for reelection this year.

Keisha Lance Bottoms Its Time To Pass The Baton

Keisha Lance Bottoms Its Time To Pass The Baton

Bottoms told reporters at City Hall that she had debated running for reelection ever since she took office. She cited no one specific factor, but she said she felt emotionally removed from the race.

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She denied reports that she would be joining Walgreens in Chicago by saying she has no plans to run for office or accept a new role at this time. Bottoms believed that she would have won her contest even though a reelection bid would have been difficult for her.

Neither my wife nor I can predict what will happen to us in the future. What I do know, though, is that this decision was made from strength, not weakness.

If the election for mayor were held right now, I would easily win without a second round. This is not something I made up. The Mayor went on, “I’ve seen the poll figures, and just because you can do something doesn’t always mean that you should.”

Bottoms also admitted that her term had been difficult, adding, “the previous three years have not been at all what I would have planned for our city.” She brought up the devastating cyberattack that occurred just after she assumed office in Atlanta. They had a rough year, she remarked, what with the coronavirus outbreak and the rise in crime.

Last year, during the turbulence that followed the police shooting of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Bottoms gained widespread attention. Bottoms that the officer responsible for the June 2017 shooting death of Rayshard Brooks by Atlanta police be fired immediately.

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Last Words

Bottoms was already facing a challenge from Atlanta City Council President Felicia Moore before she announced she would not seek reelection. It’s possible that others will join the race as a result of her choice.

Bottoms did not explicitly back a particular candidate for the position of successor on Friday, but she did hint that she has her favourites. It shouldn’t be those individuals, she stated confidently. But the people will have the final say.