Never Enough Donald Trump And The Pursuit Of Success

A simple life story of the millionaire Republican presidential candidate. The life of Donald Trump is examined by Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist D’Antonio (Mortal Sins: Sex, Crime, and the Era of Catholic Scandal, 2013), who paints a portrait that is neither laudatory nor scathing.

Never Enough Donald Trump And The Pursuit Of Success

Never Enough Donald Trump And The Pursuit Of Success

The author presents Trump in much the same light as his public image allows, describing him as an egotistical, self-absorbed, wealthy business magnate and, without a doubt, the “most renowned businessperson of our time.” Trump’s “relentless chase of riches,” the author argues, began when he was a young man in 1970s Manhattan and took over his father Fred’s real estate development company. His experience at the military academy also shaped his demeanour and discipline as a worker.

Trump has always shown narcissistic bravado and pride, as seen by his numerous boasts about the number of gorgeous women he has slept with and his image as a merciless property owner. He is astute and aware of his own wits; he even claims sole responsibility for the late 1970s revival of midtown Manhattan.

The Donald has been confirmed as a top-tier novelist, reality TV star, and unexpectedly successful political candidate by the opinions of his exes, son, and numerous business associates. In the book’s final chapter, which is also full of refreshingly personal opinions, the past finally catches up with the present.

Last Words

Despite Trump’s early excommunication of D’Antonio for seeking out criticism, the author nevertheless does careful, solid spadework in depicting Trump’s life and entrepreneurial legacy through the successes, failures, and self-promotional salesmanship that continue to attract media outlets to this day. An objective and timely look at the man behind the tycoon.

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