U.S. And China Enter Dangerous Territory Over Taiwan

Russia’s special operation in Ukraine was put on hold as a result of the severe crisis in US-China ties brought on by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. The People’s Republic of China has been practising a landing operation and has prolonged its military exercises surrounding the island until August 15. Tests entail firing missiles into the sea around the island. U.S. officials continue to voice alarm, while Chinese officials have been using aggressive rhetoric.

U.S. And China Enter Dangerous Territory Over Taiwan

U.S. And China Enter Dangerous Territory Over Taiwan

Overreaction leading to escalation, said Secretary of State Antony Blinken in reference to events around Taiwan. On the other hand, China’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu blamed the United States for the escalation, saying:

It is the United States that has initiated this issue on its own. Pelosi was allowed to visit Taiwan by the United States despite strong protests from China. It’s clear that China will have to take aggressive action to protect its territory and national sovereignty. The United States and the “Taiwan independence” separatist groups are responsible for and must deal with the consequences of the current standoff.

The Asia-Pacific area is beginning to resemble Europe on the eve of February 24, when escalating tensions in Ukraine sparked a military response. This is due in large part to statements made by China and the United States. Conflict around Taiwan is a real possibility as tensions rise between the United States and China.

Both the United States and China view the issue of Taiwan’s sovereignty as a key strategic concern. The tiny (36,000 ft2) island that you’re on. kilometres broad, has a privileged location, and plays a pivotal role in international manufacturing. And that’s why no one, not even the Chinese, wants to make any kind of deal on this issue.

If China conquers Taiwan, it will not only have access to the Pacific Ocean, but also to the opportunity to further develop its already robust economy. If the United States were to lose Taiwan, it would be a major geopolitical and economic setback on a worldwide scale. Because of this, the United States will lose credibility with its allies throughout the world and have a harder time containing China.

Last Words

If conflict breaks out over Taiwan, it will destroy the island’s best and most original semiconductor sector. Sixty-three percent of the market, or around $US147 billion, can be traced back to Taiwan. In comparison to South Korea’s 18%, China’s 6%, and the rest of the world’s 13%, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company controls more than half of the worldwide semiconductor trade.

Not only that, but TSMC has a 90% monopoly on the most cutting-edge sector of the chip industry. The chips manufactured by the company are thinner than 10 nm, or 10,000 times thinner than a sheet of paper. Intel and Samsung, two of its main competitors, have not yet reached this level of technological sophistication. When US House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, she arranged to meet with TSMC President Mark Liu.