Trevor Noah Blasts Robert Kennedy Jr. for Invoking Anne Frank

As you know, this weekend was the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, and after all four games were decided on the final play, people are calling it the best playoff weekend in history. It seems that most people from Buffalo, Green Bay and Tennessee aren’t all that enthusiastic about the prospect of a new stadium in Tampa. — JIMmy Fallon

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and the reigning NFL champions were eliminated from the playoffs. When Brady loses, he’s not used to it, because he usually takes a parade back to his house. — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Yes, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers hosted the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday and fell in Green Bay, capping off an upset-filled weekend. When it came to his at-home exam, Aaron Rodgers failed. CHRISTOPHER BROWN

As one fan put it, “To see Tom Brady — it was like seeing the Coyote finally catch and eat the Road Runner right there on TV.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

Remember Aaron Rogers? He got caught lying about his immunisation status early in the season. Prior to the game, he criticised President Biden, stated we had a false White House, and other things that befit a man who has been beaten in the head a lot.” In the words of Jimmie Kimel

The fact that someone said, “He caught it,” and it wasn’t about Omicron, was a pleasant surprise. Treven Noah, the aforementioned author

Guest Kristen Stewart stated that she was originally cast as Nicole Kidman’s co-star in “Panic Room” on the Late Show.