Trevor Noah Blasts Robert Kennedy Jr. for Invoking Anne Frank

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Trevor Noah Blasts Robert Kennedy Jr. for Invoking Anne Frank

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An Apology From Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Anne Frank

On Tuesday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. issued an apology after being criticised for suggesting that people today have less freedom under U.S. vaccination rules than persons like Anne Frank did while hiding from the Nazis.

He issued an apology to the Frank family and anyone who had to endure the horrors of the Holocaust because of his use of Anne Frank’s name. “My goal was to illustrate the dangers of emerging surveillance and control technology by referencing historical episodes of brutality. I deeply regret if and to the degree that my words were hurtful.”

On Sunday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of the late U.S. senator and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of President John F. Kennedy, appeared at an anti-vaccine mandate demonstration in Washington, D.C., where he compared vaccination practises to totalitarian rule.

It was possible to go from Nazi Germany to Switzerland via the Alps. At the Defeat the Mandates demonstration, he suggested people hide in an attic like Anne Frank did.

During the time that the Nazis were in power in the Netherlands, Frank was a Jewish youngster who had gone into hiding there. During the Holocaust, she was discovered and later killed in a concentration camp.

In 1962, my father took me to East Germany, where we met people who had escaped by climbing the wall. Sadly, many people lost their lives, but Kennedy reassured the public that success was still attainable. Not once did his remark address the fact that six million Jews perished in the Holocaust.

His sister Kerry blasted him on Twitter on Tuesday, writing, “Bobby’s lies and fear-mongering yesterday were both despicable and damaging.”

She continued by saying, “I strongly denounce him for his vile rhetoric,” adding that her family did not share his views.

Final Words

Cheryl Hines, an actor and Kennedy’s wife, too seemed to be pulling away from her husband.

She wrote on Tuesday that her husband’s comments about Anne Frank at a mandate rally in Washington, DC were “reprehensible and insulting.” “Never should the horrors that millions of Jews experienced during the Holocaust be compared to anything else. I don’t share his views.”