Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2022

What cryptocurrency to choose next? This is the question of many beginner traders who can’t decide on the next investment. Choosing the most relevant currency to add to your collection is a responsible step. You never know if you gain the benefit or lose the game. For this reason, checking the top ratings before placing the choice is the best idea. 

Whether you decide to swap ETH to EOS, trade the cryptocurrency or invest a lot, you should check the trends and forecasts. This list of the top 5 cryptocurrencies will make it easier for you to choose the leading cryptocurrency. These are the examples of the most prominent currencies on the market with the high potential to grow and help gain profit. Let’s check what the most popular positions in the industry are at the moment. 


Avalanche, or AVAX, is a new market player to compete with the ETH. Both a blockchain platform and a digital currency, AVAX is a perfect investment for the upcoming years. It works with smart contracts and focuses on the speed of the transactions. AVAX is the currency used by the Avalanche blockchain to cover transaction fees and ensure a high-level security system. 


It’s an accessible blockchain that was created in 2020 but has already caught the eye of the public. Fast transactions, namely 4.500 per second, versatility, and open-source nature, make AVAX one of the best investments for future years. If you want to learn more then check our business topics.


Let’s switch to the popular stablecoin based on the common open-source Bitcoin blockchain. The currency was launched in 2014 and got its Tether name later in the same year. The currency already managed to reach the highest rates on the market. Litecoin deal with major Bitcoin protocols, namely Liquid and Omni. However, OMG Network, Solana, Ethereum, and some other blockchains get to the deal.  

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Tether, or USDT currency, is supported to run the cryptocurrency market together with other two giants, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Being the third-largest cryptocurrency in the industry, it attracts new traders with its market cap, opportunities, and price predictions.


Solana has been developed for scalable decentralized applications to host them. The project was launched in 2017 and has already managed to achieve certain success on the market. Why do you need to invest in Solana? Many beginner traders and investors discuss the competition between Solana and Ethereum. 

But there’s nothing to compare because Solana is the leading option in its price range. Its fee price is way less than the ETH blockchain requests. Furthermore, you will be able to cope with the bigger number of transactions successfully. And it’s not to mention its market cap that already exceeded $66 billion. 


If you are familiar with the NFT market, this cryptocurrency will make your investment journey worth it. ApeCoin relates to the ETH-based token. And it’s the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs that manage the cryptocurrency. Expert investors have different opinions on the life cycle of the token, but there’s one thing that remains the same. If it catches the attention of the public and its investing sector, you might find something interesting, too. 

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If you’re interested in another investment, the UNI cryptocurrency with its decentralized Uniswap exchange will do you a favor. You can try this anonymous crypto exchange to trade different digital assets. Anyone can benefit from the Uniswap protocol without any restrictions. As a UNI investor, you can take part in different platform processes. For example, you can get rewards, govern the platform or swap the assets. It’s also possible to create new markets and provide liquidity.