Hitman Holla Net Worth, Life, Career, Biography and More

Known professionally as “Hitman Holla,” Gerald Fulton Jr. is an American rapper-actor-entrepreneur. Holla is well-known for his snappy jokes about firearms, gangs, and the game of basketball in general.

Since the sixth season of Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n’ Out show, the gifted actor has been a member. Rapper and actor Hitman Holla has an estimated $3 million in net worth. He accrues  it through endorsement deals, acting roles, and the sale of his own clothing line, Ball game.

Big Gerald and Sue Fulton were the parents of Hitman Holla when he was born in St Louis, Missouri. Battle rap has run in the family; his younger brother, Showout, has followed in his sibling’s footsteps. In addition to attending their events, their father has also taken to social media to demonstrate his support for the sons.

The Wild ‘n Out actor was raised in Missouri, where he went to elementary and high school. He now lives in Los Angeles, California. Hitman Holla obtained a scholarship from California State Northridge because of his athleticism and basketball prowess while he was in high school.

From California State Northridge, he transferred to the University of Missouri and has been there ever since. Hitman gave up his athletic and basketball pursuits after completing his tertiary education in order to concentrate on his music career.

His rap bouts have earned him a household celebrity in the United States, with over 1 million Instagram followers and hundreds of thousands of YouTube views.

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Career Of The Hitman Holla:

In 2008, Hitman got his start in the entertainment industry by competing in rap fights. With his hard-hitting and attention-grabbing lyrics, his music became an overnight popularity in collegiate rap leagues like Ultimate Rap League(URL)and Fight Klub.

Hitman has fought Remy’D and Cassidy on Fight Klub. While he’s had some victories and some defeats in the ring, his rap career has flourished, and he’s now one of the most well-known combat rappers.

His URL career has been filled with a great deal of excitement and suspense. Conceited, who appeared on Wild ‘n’ Out, was among his opponents. Another group of people who have had a significant impact on his rap career are Tsu Surf and Hollow da Don, as well as Tay Roc and Verb.

They almost had him kicked out in 2013 when he and a URL employee named Norbes got into an argument, but they were able to work things out with URL. He released his first mixtape, Ballgame, in June of that year.

Hitman Holla High Point Of Career:

Rap Battle America was another venue for Hitman to compete, as he faced off against fellow battle rapper Goodz. Since then, the video has amassed over two million views on YouTube, making it a career high point for Hitman.

Diddy dum dum, Hitman’s second mixtape of 2016, was released later that year. As a result, his discography now includes songs like Control da Room, Still Ball Game, Sucka for Who, and For My Mama.

On VH1, MTV, and MTV2, Hitmann joined the cast of Wild ‘n’ Out, a sketch comedy series, in 2015. For the show’s sixteenth season, he has been a cast member. She Ball, Nick Cannon’s next film in 2020, also features the Instagram star as Hitman.

A BET sports drama, Games People Play, will cast Rome as a character for the rapper in 2021.

His rap slogan, “Ball Game,” is the name of a clothing line he’s recently started. Since 2022, he and his partner have also started a YouTube channel that chronicles their love life and lifestyle, with over 185,000 subscribers.

Lifestyle Of Hitman Holla:

Hitman Holla lives a celebrity lifestyle, and his family shows their support for his rap bouts by attending and posting on social media. When his fiancée was shot in the face by robbers when they broke into her home in October 2021, he made news for all the wrong reasons.

Hitman Holla requested his followers on Twitter to “give positive energy to his girlfriend,” who had been shot during a break-in. Hitman Holla followers obliged.

In December 2021, a leaked sex tape of Hitman and his girlfriend made headlines again, this time on the radio and in the newspapers. Through his Twitter account, he says he “would never post something against the will of Cinnamon, his lover,” in response to the controversy.

In terms of his personal life, Hitman Holla is a happy guy who enjoys spending time with his family. During a rap battle, Showout was right there to catch his brother as he tumbled to the ground.

Big Gerald, his father, is also a supportive father, showing up to his son’s performances and enlisting the help of his followers on social media.

When his mother diagnosed with breast cancer, the rapper shaved his head to show his support. After her recovery, Hitman continues to support cancer research through donations and postings on social media about his mother, who is a survivor of the disease.

Cinnamon Witherspoon, a social media personality and businesswoman, is now dating Hitman. From an earlier relationship, he has a son named Geremiah Fulton.

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Hitman Holla Eye Color, Weight, and Height:

When it comes to height, Hitman is 5 feet, 10 inches tall (1.76 m). It’s a combination of his athleticism and his love of basketball that keeps him in shape. He weighs around 80 kilogrammes (176 pounds). Hitman Holla dark brown eyes are a nod to his African-American heritage.

Hitman Hip-hop artist, actor, and entrepreneur Hitman Holla has a net worth of millions. Rap battles, mixtape sales, and acting roles bring up the bulk of his income. In the 14 years he’s been in Hollywood, he’s done well, and he’s also a good investor.

Ball Game, his clothing company, is also a key source of income. Rap fans love his street-smart clothing and the strong themes it conveys, so it’s no surprise that his gear is in high demand. As of 2022, his estimated net worth is $3 million.