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Sauce for a New Life Walka was born on June 29th, 1990, in Houston, Texas. He is currently 31 years old. A terrible habit he picked up early on leads him to join the street gang known as “mash Mode.”

He was raised by two drug addicts — one his mother and the other his father — in an environment where his father couldn’t be there to protect him.

In addition, he attended South Pasadena Senior High School College before transferring to Hightower High School in Pasadena, California. After graduating from high school, he decided to write a song about his experiences and teamed with his friend Sancho Saucy on the project.

Sauce Walka Net Worth 

At Texas Southern University in Texas in the spring of 209, he was arrested for allegedly shooting and wounded another person during an open-air performance. He was sentenced to two years of community service. He was also a member of the street gang Mash Mode at the same period.

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Sauce Walka Life at Home

When it comes to his personal life, the rapper has dated a lot of women and spent a lot of money on them, but he hasn’t published the identities of any of them. He also has a daughter, who he nicknames “Baby Sauce,” but he hasn’t revealed the real name of her.

Sauce Walka Career

When it comes to his professional life, it all began when he and his companion Sancho Saucy decided to rap about their difficult time in life.

At the time, both of them were members of the Houston hip-hop collective Mostheard and had cooperated on a song about their lives. It was at this point that he decided to become a rapper and began working on his craft under the stage name

A-Walk. With his friend Sancho Saucy, he founded a musical combo called Sauce Twinz in 2014, when he began to take his career more seriously.

It was in the same year that he released his debut mixtape In Sauce We Trust that he garnered widespread attention and notoriety for his tracks, and the following year, Sorry 4 The Sauce, which was followed by two more mixtapes, Splash Andreas and Don’t Let The Sauce Fool U.

Among the many mixtapes he has released since are Holy Sauce 2016, Sorry 4 The Sauce 3 2016, The Sauce Father 2017, Drip God 2018, Sauce Ghetto Gospel 2018, New Sauce City 2019, Sauce Ghetto Gospel 2 2019, Lost In the Sauce 2020, Birdz Hunt Snakes 2021, Sauce R&B 2021, God of Texas 2021, and Drill Spill on November 16, 2021

In 2014, he founded The Sauce Factory (TSF), a record-able firm, which he has been operating since. Shackz B, Voochie P, and Sancho Saucy are just a few of the many well-known singers with ties to this organisation.

It was after he released the massively popular tune “Wack 2 Wack,” which was aimed at Canadian rappers, that he first gained notoriety.Migos, Travis Scott, and many other high-profile artists have collaborated with Walka since then.

He is estimated to be worth over $3 million US as of 2022, and his annual income is estimated to be around $400,000. One of the most important ways he makes money in the music industry is through performances and his own production firm, The Sauce Factory.

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