There’s Someone Inside Your House Review Problematic Secrets …

Raise your hand if you have something to hide. What could they have done to have everyone look down on them even more? Something so terrifying that even the thought of its discovery makes your stomach turn to mush? There’s Someone Inside Your House is a slasher film in which the killer’s method of operation is to expose the victim to unpleasant realities before stabbing them with a knife.

Theres Someone Inside Your House Review Problematic Secrets ...

Theres Someone Inside Your House Review

Your mind will immediately fill in a long list of criteria when I mention “teen slasher,” and you’d be right to do so. All of our high students share one common trait: they are quirky. People who identify with stereotypes abound, including the druggie, the rich kid who hates his dad, the loner, and the self-proclaimed bitch.

The fact that Shawn Levy (Stranger Things), James Wan (The Conjuring), and Patrick Brice (Creep) are all involved in the film’s production and direction suggests that it will be a stylish pudding, ready to be splattered on your plate. Regrettably, that is not the case.

Makani Young (Sydney Park), the film’s protagonist, and her sleepwalking grandmother have recently relocated to a rural community in Nebraska, the sort of place where a cornfield magnate holds sway over the locals with his bluster. Because the reasons for her relocation are mysterious (as evidenced by a series of flame-licking flashbacks), Makani is understandably terrified when a serial murderer starts targeting her classmates and airdropping their darkest secrets to the entire town.

Worried. Both she and her companions do nothing to rectify the situation. Death seems to have no effect on a plot that exists in parallel dimensions. The title suggests a house invasion horror element, but instead the killer just pops up every now and then to try to inject some feeling of urgency into the proceedings. Our cast’s dynamic was less one of terror and more one of pointing fingers and placing blame.

Last Words

The main performance by Park works nicely. She’s like a rabbit caught in the headlights as she tries to escape her history. Some of the supporting cast members more than hold their own while others struggle to find anything to work with in the script. Despite this, There’s Someone Inside Your House isn’t really visually impressive.

It moves into your house with a bunch of unopened boxes, which serve as a constant visual reminder of how lazy it is. You are the person inside the house, holding the TV remote. Since there are no hidden treasures in this film, the threat can be neutralised by not watching it.