‘The Boss Baby: Family Business’ Review: Pacifier Be With You

Time to grab our bags: This sequel, “The Boss Baby: Family Business,” directed by Tom McGrath, is a rehash of the original, with little to distinguish it from the original.

Ted (Alec Baldwin), the previous boss baby, is now a wealthy businessman in a big-boy suit. Tabitha Greenblatt, Tim’s daughter, is an A-type who prefers handshakes over hugs, and Tim is concerned about her safety. Tina (Amy Sedaris), Tim’s younger daughter and another “boss baby,” persuades him to join her on a quest.

Ted and Tim revert to their younger selves with the aid of a new magical baby formula and go undercover in a school for bright youngsters with an evil secret.

Eventually Tim brings up the subject of him and Ted saving the world once more, but Tabitha declines. “Wasn’t it an excellent one?” was the unanimous response. Her response: “It didn’t really make a lot of sense.” Tim tries again. “Did you think the jokes were funny?” Tim has a question. Tabitha simply makes a noise.

No, but at least it’s conscious of itself. There are numerous plot holes left behind by the creative but illogical narrative threads. In general, the humour is decent, but nothing stands out as really innovative. Additionally, it is out of step with how fiercely we now criticise toxic environments when attempts to make corporate culture charming and amusing by adding a pacifier are made.

Is that a baby suit? It’s always adorable. Is this a case of recycled jokes? As far as I know, this “Boss Baby” wasn’t aware of the rules.

Boss Baby: It’s in the blood.

Rated PG. One and a half hours and forty-five minutes. Peacock and in the theatre.