‘The Boss Baby: Family Business’ Review: Pacifier Be With You

An malevolent teacher threatens to strip all parents of their authority in the animated comedy ‘The Boss Baby: Family Business. Featuring a strong Christian, moral, pro-family viewpoint that is pro-life, ‘The Boss Baby: Family Business is a joyful, amusing movie for the whole family.

‘The Boss Baby: Family Business’ Review: Pacifier Be With You

‘The Boss Baby: Family Business’ Review

Tim narrates the opening montage, which shows his family expanding since the original BOSS BABY film. Tim now has two daughters, Tabitha, who is in second grade, and Tina, who is a toddler.

Tim’s wife, Carol, provides financially for the family, and Tim calls himself a “Stay-at-home-dad,” but it’s evident that he values his time with his kids very much.

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At bedtime one night, Tim attempts to sing Tabitha a goodnight song, but she gives him the cold shoulder. It seems that Tabitha, in an effort to create a prosperous future for herself, would rather study than listen to silly music before bed.

Tim’s heart sinks at the thought of Tabitha growing up, but the next day, his younger brother Ted will travel over from his high-powered corporate position in the city for a visit.

The youngest of Tim and Ted’s three daughters, Tina, has a job at Baby Corp, a utopian organisation in the clouds that works for the good of all infants everywhere. Tina’s employment has given her the freedom to finally act and express her age.

There’s trouble at Tabitha’s posh school for “advanced children,” she warns them. She forces both Tim and Ted to use the pacifier, which instantly transforms them into toddlers. The brothers will have to pretend to be kids to fit in.

Tim is friends with the brilliant Tabitha, who attends the same school as him. The headmaster of Tabitha’s school is a man named Dr. Erwin Armstrong. Dr. Armstrong takes the kids to new heights of competitive learning, but his intentions are unclear.

Tim finds out later that Dr. Armstrong is plotting an evil takeover of the school that will culminate in the Christmas pageant because he doesn’t want parents to have any power over their children.

When it Comes to Stopping Dr. Armstrong, do Ted, Tim, and Tabitha have a Chance?

The animation of ‘The Boss Baby: Family Business is stunning, and the comedy will have you in stitches. The movie stays in top form thanks to the script’s witty dialogue and engaging characters.

Voice actors like Jeff Goldblum, Eva Longoria, Alec Baldwin, and James Marsden fit their animation characters’ personalities perfectly. The use of slow motion for comedic effect is also present and will likely be appreciated by kids. Fans of the original BOSS BABY are likely to appreciate this sequel.

There is a strong moral worldview at work in ‘The Boss Baby: Family Business, with the central theme being the importance of providing for one’s family.

The film also highlights the divine origin of babies, the value of childhood innocence, and the importance of not growing up too quickly. The message that “I talked like a child, I thought like a child, and I reasoned like a child” (1 Corinthians 13:11) may come to mind for certain viewers.

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There are some Christian undertones, such as a Christmas pageant including a character costumed as an angel and a representation of a newborn Jesus. The importance of having a strong work ethic also reflects a favourable view of capitalism.

There is some mild comedic violence and brief toilet humour in ‘The Boss Baby: Family Business. ‘The Boss Baby: Family Business is, however, a charmingly pleasant film that everyone of any age can enjoy.