The Benefits of Bickering in Marriage

We’ve been married for a while now, and we rarely have major arguments anymore. After having children, they realised that their time had come and gone. As a matter of fact, for a period of several years everything was turned on its head.

Another blowout temporarily lowered the home’s sales value, and we spent our days and nights slathering on various ointments and creams to mask the stench.

The Benefits of Bickering in Marriage

Back then, we were prone to monstrous conduct due to our pent-up dissatisfaction, our lack of faith that we were doing anything well, and our general stir-craziness. Don’t fret; that was to be expected.

We acknowledged our shortcomings and offered apologies. It was a good thing to do. We were better able to work through our differences and be there for one another as we started down the path of motherhood.

1. It’s Healthy for You

Sometimes it really stinks. Disappointment sets in when a couple has fundamentally different views on something as fundamental as how to load a dishwasher.

However, by voicing your opinion, you are serving as a gentle reminder to one another (and to yourself) that you are two individuals with distinct viewpoints.

Although we may understand this in theory, it may be difficult to accept in the heat of the moment. This means that acknowledging the differences and discussing them openly is essential to moving forward.

If you and your partner are good enough at fighting, you might even find something useful to discuss, which could lead to future changes in approach (maybe).

2. It Helps Keep Your Relationship “in Shape”

Recovery time is a major differentiator between fit and unfit individuals. How soon you recover to a relaxed state after exertion. It has been shown that physical fitness increases recuperative speed.

Now imagine that similar dynamic in your relationship. It takes time. It appears like every early quarrel results in a war with lasting consequences.

My wife and I used to have to agree to disagree and then find a way to laugh it off by the time we finished the dishes.

But after years of little disagreements and a brief period of early weekly help, we’re finally at that point. You can only get better at arguing by engaging in it and then figuring out what you did wrong.

3. Resolving Anger

The act of cleaning is fundamental and something you do on a regular basis; nonetheless, there is something very focused and fervent about cleaning when you are upset. There can’t be only my wife and I who, with clenched teeth, wipe up the mistakes we think the other one has made.

4. Watch Old Episodes of Your Favorite Shows You’ve Missed

To each their own, but it’s not a bad thing that you guys stick to a relatively small range of entertainment options that covers everyone’s preferences.

But every once in a while, it’s nice to have the option to watch something that will make your significant other know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you don’t give a damn about what they watch.

My wife and I each have our own unique ways of letting the other know we need some alone time by doing nothing more than shifting where we sit on the couch and choosing a few carefully chosen episodes from our Netflix queue. Use this privilege sometimes.

5. Go on an Internet Shopping Spree

For all the stuff your partner considers unnecessary but you know you need. Don’t limit yourself to the idea of a digital device. As an example, I once utilised modest, low-level annoyance to give myself permission to buy the “sports package” via the TV remote.

I still have NFL RedZone and MLB Network even though I never have time to watch either of them.

6. a Snuggle-Fight

If you time it perfectly, you could get a full night’s sleep. Unusual good fortune for us kid-rearing adults.

Not going to bed angry is advice often given, and it makes sense. Sometimes, however, a good dose of annoyance before bed is just what the doctor prescribed. A brief nap can do wonders for your outlook.

7. You’ll have Some Downtime to Grab a Beverage While you Wait.

It’s a timeless technique. Don’t do it often, and stop as soon as you feel your emotions rising rather than calming down.

8. Relaxing in the Bathtub While Watching Netflix

No matter how you slice it, this is a fantastic activity. Arguments only serve to divert attention away from a sitcom and toward a movie.

9. You can stare at Your Phone for Hours Without Feeling Guilty

It looks the same as the guilty kind, but it makes a lot more sense to me that I can have it.

One of the most challenging aspects of marriage is developing healthy conflict resolution strategies. It’s not that conflicts are enjoyable, but rather that they sometimes cannot be avoided. It’s recommended that you get some practise in, and arguing with each other is a great way to do it.