Stephen Colbert Kicks Facebook While It’s Down

When people felt happy for more than 30 minutes this morning, they noticed something was wrong. CORDEN, JAMES

After a brief outage, Facebook refused to explain what had caused it. Now, I’m not a computer expert, but my belief is that there is a just god? CHRISTOPHER BROWN

When the machines have risen up and taken over, “don’t panic: they only know our thoughts, feelings, family and friends, location and facial patterns as well as our banking data,” he continues. CHRISTOPHER BROWN

LinkedIn was abuzz with weekend pumpkin-patch selfies from those who couldn’t access Instagram. CHRISTOPHER BROWN

‘It was so bad that, and this is true, the only way Facebook could tell the world what was happening was by tweeting about it.’ CHRISTOPHER BROWN

“It’s understandable that you’re feeling that way.” Is there a problem between Facebook and Twitter? In this case, it would be like Burger King running out of fries and having to announce it on a Big Mac.” CHRISTOPHER BROWN