Stephen Colbert Kicks Facebook While It’s Down

When people felt happy for more than 30 minutes this morning, they noticed something was wrong. CORDEN, JAMES

After a brief outage, Facebook refused to explain what had caused it. Now, I’m not a computer expert, but my belief is that there is a just god? CHRISTOPHER BROWN

Stephen Colbert Kicks Facebook While It’s Down

When the machines have risen up and taken over, “don’t panic: they only know our thoughts, feelings, family and friends, location and facial patterns as well as our banking data,” he continues. CHRISTOPHER BROWN

LinkedIn was abuzz with weekend pumpkin-patch selfies from those who couldn’t access Instagram. CHRISTOPHER BROWN

‘It was so bad that, and this is true, the only way Facebook could tell the world what was happening was by tweeting about it.’ CHRISTOPHER BROWN

“It’s understandable that you’re feeling that way.” Is there a problem between Facebook and Twitter? In this case, it would be like Burger King running out of fries and having to announce it on a Big Mac.” CHRISTOPHER BROWN

Stephen Colbert Kicks Facebook While It’s Down

For five hours on Monday, billions of people were unable to use Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, or Instagram due to an outage, which was mocked by Stephen Colbert. In other words, “if you wanted to share images, you had to go door to door with polaroids of your brunch,” as the Late Show host joked.

The Facebook outage was one of the longest in the company’s history. It took users hours to find out if “their second cousin thinks the vaccine gives your pancreas wifi,” as Colbert put it.

It was so awful that, and this is genuine, the only way Facebook could let the world know what was going on was to post a notice on Twitter. That’s like McDonald’s being so low on fries that they have to put a notice on the Big Mac.

Considering the looming government shutdown and debt default, Stephen Colbert says: This is a crisis that could have been prevented.

It would be like to being aware of a potentially life-saving drug during a pandemic but choosing not to use it. Oh, my! Perhaps some horse paste should be added to the budget.

The Cause of the Facebook Outage has not been Confirmed as of this Recording.

Colbert admitted his lack of computer expertise, saying, “Now, I’m no computer specialist, but my idea is: a just God?”

Later, the company issued a statement indicating that a change in router configuration between the company’s data centres was to blame for the downtime.

The Silicon Valley firm is under fresh investigation for its consequences on mental health, and this was more bad publicity.

Instagram’s poisonous effects on young women were known, according to internal documents recently disclosed to the Wall Street Journal; “but you could also check insta for methods to flush out those toxins with an incredible matcha drink that gives you a Brazilian butt lift,” said Colbert.

Final Words

Frances Haugen, a former Facebook product developer and now-public “whistleblower,” appeared on 60 Minutes on Sunday to testify that the company prioritises business before user security. “Hold on a sec! Is what I thought I heard indeed what you said?

Do you mean to tell me that a company put profit first? consumer protection over profit? Colbert said, “I need to settle down… with an ice-cold Four Loko,” before cracking open a can of the alcoholic beverage known as the “blackout in a can,” which notably removed caffeine from its composition in 2010.