Prosecutor Casts Doubt on Account of Train Passengers Not Intervening in Rape

Mr. Stollsteimer speculated that “two people may have actually videotaped, using their telephones.” An anonymous tip that alerted the SEPTA Police Department was given to investigators after one of those recordings was turned over to them.

Previously, SEPTA officials had stated that it was an off-duty employee who raised the alarm about “inappropriate activity” on the train, but now it appears that this is not the case.

At one point, Mr. Stollsteimer blamed SEPTA officials for the narrative.

SEPTA spokesman Andrew Busch said, “We stand by what we said before.” When something doesn’t look right, “we really want to come out of this to highlight the need for people to call.”

He also stood by his earlier remarks following the Thursday press conference by Mr. Bernhardt as well.

There were people entering and exiting the vehicle who he believed could have intervened and done something. That’s the commitment he made at the time, which he reiterated today. That doesn’t mean they were filming it, but as the district attorney stated, there were plenty of people getting on and off that witnessed it. It’s impossible for us to know what they saw or what they thought because we haven’t been able to talk to them.”

Because of Mr. Ngoy’s previous arrests and conviction for misdemeanour assault for grabbing women, he is currently being held at the Delaware County Jail in lieu of $180,000 in bail. According to court records, he is a native of the Democratic Republic of the Congo who has overstayed a student visa in the United States and fought previous attempts at deportation.

Although he acknowledged Mr. Ngoy as a client, the public defender in Delaware County declined to elaborate.