Stephen Colbert Has a Backup Plan for Parents in the Pandemic

The I-95 in Virginia was closed for more than 24 hours due to a massive winter storm, and I saw that a 50-mile stretch of the highway was affected. ‘If I could just get over the one lane,'” said a dad sitting nearby. CHRISTOPHER BROWN

It was the cab driver’s $14 million fare that made him the only one who was happy. In the words of JIMMY FALLON

“I’m pretty sure there are 50 miles of highway that are completely covered in yellow snow.” — JIMmy Fallon

There’s probably no better place to quarantine than the I-95 traffic jam in Virginia, which has been clogged for nearly 27 hours straight. “Wow, I’ll never make it to Toledo.” COBERT STEPHEN

One of those stranded on I-95 was Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, who tweeted, ‘I started my normal 2 hour drive to DC at 1pm yesterday.'” ” I’m still 19 hours away from the Capitol.’ But he was still on his way. He had to travel for 27 hours to get to his place of work. What a long day: 27 hours and 27 minutes. With just 24 hours to go before the election, the stakes were high. CORDEN, JAMES

You’re about to become vice president of the United States, and then you’re discussing your fluid intake.” CHRISTOPHER BROWN

After meeting Princess Diana and throwing a toy at Prince Charles, “Late Late Show” guest Lily Collins recalls the experience.