Stephen Colbert Comments on the ‘Slides of Sedition’

The arrest of 11 persons connected to the 6 January revolt for seditious conspiracy is “no slap on the wrist,” Stephen Colbert stated on The Late Show. All five of them could spend up to 20 years in jail if convicted.

Stephen Colbert Comments on the ‘Slides of Sedition’

That’s fairly horrible, I’ll give you that, but why do I get the feeling there ought to be more to it? The late-night host Colbert said. You should disappear for longer than a single Billie Eilish if you try to overthrow the country.

Stephen Colbert Comments on the ‘Slides of Sedition’

While seditious conspiracy is notoriously difficult to prove, the government presented evidence showing Rhodes had urged his followers to “load up on ammo” and get ready for “full-on war in the streets” in the days leading up to 6 January, a date on which violence erupted.

And a war was fought, and it was a war they lost, Colbert added.

“At long last, they’re indicting people for the sedition we witnessed on live television. Eventually, the federal government will unmask the president’s anonymous order to kill innocent people.

Even though the charges helped restore Colbert’s faith in the DOJ, he was still losing it with the Supreme Court, which on Thursday blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate for large employers by a 6-3 vote along ideological lines.

Exactly what the hell is going on, Supremes? He asked, “What do you know about major corporations as employers?” What a little company you are, with only nine employees and a dress code of Hefty bags that don’t even reach their ankles!

An unsigned majority judgement for the conservatives said, “Although Congress has undeniably granted Osha [Occupational Safety and Health Administration] the ability to regulate occupational risks, it has not given that agency the right to regulate public health more broadly.”

However, “Covid is a workplace hazard!” It prompted a retort from Colbert. For what reason do you suppose that everyone who has the option to do so is instead pursuing a career in remote work? Why do you think that is? So they can hear their partner yell at the Roomba again, right?

Stephen Colbert’s Rare Friday Show Features Weary Retrospective on “The Week That Felt Like a Year”

What a week it was, and despite Stephen Colbert’s obvious exhaustion, he showed out on a Friday for a rare monologue in an attempt to recapitulate all of its nuance and news in a single performance.

After a particularly intense stretch, Colbert rubbed his eyes and wondered aloud, “if my glasses are dirty or my corneas won’t focus anymore.”

The Late Night host summed up the last week by separating Tuesday (“The fun night”) with Wednesday (“The awful day”).

Before these losers headed to the Senate, I was going to talk about the winners,” he said.

Although Colbert’s own attempts to translate the data were a bit poor, he conceded that he was transfixed by the touchscreens in the Georgia election coverage.

At the same time, he paid tribute to Georgia’s freshly elected senator, Jon Ossoff, whom Colbert referred to as “the boy demanding bedtime be pushed to 9:15 PM.”


He also mentioned how Kamala Harris, even as Vice President, will continue to function as a Senator due to the Senate’s current deadlock and the need for her to cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie. He pointed out that it was unfair to compensate her for two jobs with a single paycheck.