Stephen Colbert Channels Willy Wonka to Explain Congress

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Armageddon For The NTH Time

Stephen Colbert said on his show on Wednesday night, “I hope everyone in America is using protection, because it is very possible that we are all screwed”. A government shutdown or a breach of the debt ceiling were the topics under discussion by the “Late Show” host. A Willy Wonka-inspired Willy Wonka-style budget reconciliation process was also explained by him.

IT WOULD BE CALLED FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON BY ONE ECONOMIST.” That’s bad news and even worse timing, because the United States has already scheduled a plague Armageddon, a climate Armageddon, and a Democracy Armageddon. “” The writer of this article, Stephen Colbert

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The Highlights of the Film

The Tonight Show’s hashtag segment this week challenged viewers to create parodies of autumnal themes.

On Thursday Night, we’re looking forward to the following events:

Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” will feature Charlize Theron, star of “The Old Guard 2.”