‘Sex and the City’ Reboot is Not the Only Problem for Peloton

She hopes to sell her Peloton for $1,500 to $1,600, but admitting that she wishes she had sold it during the pandemic when the bikes were as scarce as toilet paper was a regret.

In 2017, her husband gave Ms. Anderer a bike as a birthday present, and she initially rode it eight to twenty times a month, according to Ms. Anderer. This has only served to further clog up her TV room since she suffered a separate neck injury two years ago.

Every month, my husband brings up the subject of getting rid of the “thing.” Anderer said this, My hesitance is due to the fact that it appears to be an inconvenient thing to do.” Equipment like this can be cumbersome. It would require a man with a van and three people to remove this object from my home.”

Many bikes in the classified ads are described as “like new” or “barely used,” which raises the question of whether or not this is simply a marketing ploy. the 42-year-old Potomac, Maryland resident Jeffery Rum, who owns a marketing firm, estimates that he has used his Peloton “less than 30” times since he bought it in 2019. He priced it at $1,200 on Facebook Marketplace (mat included).

“The Peloton was going to complement the workouts I was doing during the week,” Mr. Rum said. Instead, the bike moved into his home office, where he was forced to see it on a daily basis as a non-functioning object. Mr. Rum laughed as he said, “It certainly became a sculpture.”

According to Mr. Rum, he’s had a few nibbles, but only from buyers who’ve offered between $750 and $900. At that price, he’s not yet ready to sell.