Seth Meyers Teases Rudy Giuliani for Joining Cameo

How many of you remember when Rudy was the personal lawyer for the head of state just six months ago? I get what you mean. The guest host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” was Sarah Silverman.

In other words, after serving as mayor of New York City, he now introduces himself as Rudy Giuliani. My best wishes for a joyful retirement to ‘Deez Nuts.'” In the words of JIMMY FALLON—

As far as I can tell, this is his first time in this situation. When Rudy travelled to Ukraine to dig up dirt on an opponent’s political opponent for the purpose of interfering in a presidential election, a NYSDOS prosecutor contacted him through Cameo. In a mimicry of Giuliani’s, ‘Mr. DOJ,’ reads the subject line.’

According to what I’ve heard, you’re having a hard time at work. My friend Don and I once devised a plan to extort money from an uncooperative foreign government. You know, it says right here that you want me to read your text messages and emails as well as mine. Someone’s knocking on the door. The word “police” bothers me. The police haven’t come in yet.'” Theodore St. John Meyers

As a personal lawyer for the president of the United States, “I mean, this guy—this guy—who is effectively panhandling in the same place where you can get a ‘Happy bat mitzvah’ message from Jamie Farr.” ” Theodore St. John