Jimmy Kimmel: ‘Aaron Is a Karen’

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That was Rodger

A positive Covid test this week means that Aaron Rodgers will miss Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs (or, as Stephen Colbert put it, “the next five State Farm commercials”), the Green Bay Packers quarterback.

Jimmy Kimmel: ‘Aaron Is a Karen’

Even though Rodgers had said that he was “immunised,” it was deemed egregious by late-night hosts because it led some people to believe that he’d been vaccinated. Homeopathic treatment was used instead, according to the report.

The Best Parts of the Show

Ariana Grande was treated to a clip of her singing the national anthem at the age of eight by Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show.”

Jimmy Kimmel did not have much sympathy for Aaron Rodgers on Thursday night when he criticised the Green Bay Packers quarterback for not getting vaccinated against COVID-19 when he was quarantined.

He wasn’t vaccinated, but no one seemed to know it, the late-night host said. When asked why he hadn’t been wearing a mask, the answer was, “He stated he was ‘immunised,’ but looking back on when he said it, it should have been evident that he was not.”

Kimmel rewound the audio and put funny air quotes around Rodger’s claim that he was “immunised” to make it more comedic.

For the next 10 days, any unvaccinated player who tests positive must stay in isolation, so we know he is not vaccinated. He could have played this weekend if he had been immunised.

Kimmel remarked, “we should have known” that Rodgers had had a “homoeopathic treatment” instead of the vaccine over the summer, because “nothing says ‘I heal myself with crystals’ like the player’s top-knot haircut.