Seth Meyers Roasts Ron DeSantis for Berating Teens

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Seating in the Front Row

On Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reprimanded a group of children who were wearing face masks by saying, “Honestly, it’s not accomplishing anything and we’ve got to stop with this Covid theatre.”

How much of a jerk do you have to be to yell at a group of high school kids who are only trying to keep themselves safe? What Seth Meyers actually stated.

Seth Meyers Roasts Ron DeSantis for Berating Teens

They’re doing the right thing, and you’re telling them off for it, just like an old man who sees a group of young people and yells, “Hey, you kids go on my lawn!”

And, “What the hell is Covid theatre?” You know those plays when everyone has to stand like, six feet apart? [Parodying a moviegoer] “I just saw “Les Miserables” at the Covid Theater; the stage was as big as a football field!” T. S. Meyers

However, “that’s the only theatre remaining for folks who fled New York for Florida during the outbreak.” Initiated by SETH MEYERS

What I hear most frequently from students is, “Somehow you make our principal appear relaxed.” In honour of JIMMY FALLON

They responded, “I got bullied – by the governor?” when their parents inquired about their day. JIMMY FALLON

The Funniest Jokes (Punishment for Putin Special)

While Ikea in Ukraine welcomes invading Russian troops in the hopes that they would be unable to escape, the company has declared that it will temporarily suspend manufacturing and retail operations in Russia and Belarus in response to the invasion of Ukraine. Initiated by SETH MEYERS

Ikea has pledged to do whatever it takes to “throw a worthless tiny wrench into Russia’s economy.” JIMMY FALLON

When “they find the little Allen wrench to take the stores apart,” the plan will be implemented. STEPHEN COLBERT

According to reports, the closure of Ikea will have a major impact on the availability of flardfulls, dagstorps, and gronkulas in Russia. A quote by JIMMY KIMMEL

And it’s not just industry that’s pulling away; apparently Russian cats have been prohibited from competing internationally. I think it’s safe to say that that’s the most significant announcement ever made by the International Cat Federation. The International Canine Federation has been notably silent at this time. In honour of JIMMY FALLON

I wouldn’t want to upset the folks who own cats, so that’s a concern of mine. So, Putin has scared you, huh? Try to picture Carole Baskin! T. R. Noah

The Interesting Portions

Desi Lydic, a journalist for “The Daily Show,” researched the “hist-HER-y” of bras on Thursday’s episode.

What Meyers Says is True.

Community masking to limit spread of SARS-CoV-2, including alpha and delta variants, among adults and children is supported by experimental and epidemiologic evidence,” according to the CDC’s extensive masking investigation. The source-control and wearer-protection features of masks are what give them their preventative advantage.

Individual benefit improves with increased community mask use because source control and user protection are likely complementary and possibly synergistic. Except during very strenuous exercise, wearing a mask has not been linked to any noticeable negative effects on breathing or oxygen exchange.

To protect your airway, try these Air Queen masks, which come highly recommended from me. A CDC research found that they were significantly more pleasant to wear than N95s and KN95s while providing comparable levels of protection.