Seth Meyers Muses on Trump’s Weekend Iowa Rally

In order to help you catch some shut-eye and earn some money, we’ve put together a summary of the best moments from the previous night’s shows. Here are the top 50 Netflix movies of the moment.

Away from the Noise and Crowds

On Saturday, Donald Trump hosted a rally in Iowa, but Seth Meyers found that the crowd was uninterested in his routine about the former president.

Also, it’s clear that Trump was watching for a reaction from the crowd. It’s like being at a senior centre open-mic night watching him,” Meyers remarked on Monday evening.

The Jan. 6 demonstrators were not Kimmel’s target audience, but he made fun of them anyhow. According to Jimmy Kimmel, Trump brags in Jonathan Karl’s forthcoming Trump memoir, “Betrayal,” about the size of the crowd that descended on the Capitol.

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The Best Parts of the Movie

Chelsea Handler and Finn Wolfhard, guests on “The Tonight Show,” competed in a game of “True Confessions.”

On Tuesday Night, we’re looking forward to the following:

Phoebe Bridgers will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday.