Seth Meyers Muses on Trump’s Weekend Iowa Rally

On Monday, Seth Meyers invited a live studio audience to Late Night for the first time since March of 2020. And he made sure to poke fun at Donald Trump for, he said, “boring the hell out of his own rally crowd” over the weekend.

Seth Meyers Muses on Trump’s Weekend Iowa Rally

The host exclaimed during his most recent “A Closer Look” segment, “I’m pleased to be back in front of an audience.” I can only wish that my listeners are more receptive than Trump’s.

Seth Meyers Muses on Trump’s Weekend Iowa Rally

Meyers pointed out that “even his own crowd wasn’t exactly energised by hearing the same old incomprehensible gibberish over and over again” when Trump held a rally in Iowa on Saturday and “said the same insane lies about the election that he’s been repeating for months.”

C-SPAN cameras captured Trump’s crowd looking into space and not reacting to the applause lines while video of Trump complaining about how he believed he was going to beat Joe Biden before he didn’t aired.

“Wow, and I was worried about pulling people back,” Meyers remarked in response, adding that he enjoys the “cutaways to sullen Trump followers just standing there in quiet like tourists watching one of those gold statue dudes in Times Square—‘So is he gonna, like, do something?’”

“And you could see Trump was waiting for a crowd reaction, too,” he added. Just look at him, I mean. Imagine an open mic night at a retirement home.

Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel mentioned Trump’s rally in Iowa, saying that the president “came out of his hole to treat supporters to an hour and 43 minutes of bitching about the election he lost and how he didn’t lose the election, and how he didn’t concede because the election was stolen from him, and why would he concede,” and so on.

Trump suggested his slogan for the 2024 election as well: “Make America Great Again, dash slash comma Again.”

Kimmel said, “He’s still got it!” Just as cool and collected as ever