Seth Meyers Considers Trump’s Putin Praise

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It’s Time to Heap Praise on Top of Praise.

On Wednesday night, late-night hosts couldn’t help but bring up Donald Trump’s praise for Vladimir Putin in a recent radio interview with a right-wing show.

It was Seth Meyer’s “pretty brilliant way to make Putin second guess himself” that Trump referred to Putin’s political strategy as “genius” and “savvy.”

Seth Meyers Considers Trump’s Putin Praise

“YET HOW WERE THEY ABLE TO DO THIS? ” RONALD PIERCE AND MELVIN METCALFE WON BEST SOUND FOR ‘EARTHQUAKE’ IN 1975, AND WHO COULD FORGET IT? The late Jimmy KimmelsIf they narrow it down to the best actor, actress, and picture, then we can all go to bed early. The late Jimmy Kimmel

The Highlights of the Film

During Wednesday night’s “Tonight Show,” Tracee Ellis Ross faced off against Jimmy Fallon in a few rounds of “Sing It Like.”

On Thursday Night, we’re looking forward to the following:

“Better Things” star Pamela Adlon will appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to discuss the show’s final season.

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Accolades Stacked High

On Wednesday night, the topic of Russia came up again when it was pointed out that Donald Trump had praised Vladimir Putin in an appearance with a right-wing radio show.

A “very great technique to make Putin second-guess himself,” as Seth Meyers put it, Trump calling Putin “savvy” and his political tactics “genius.”

“Everyone in the globe is absolutely shocked. Those unemployed fringe weirdos who go on little radio shows are the only ones who could possibly think this is a positive thing. T. S. Meyers

Bear in mind that Trump has previously referred to the McDonald’s Dollar Menu as “clever” and “brilliant.” JIMMY FALLON

The man who clogged the White House toilet with secret documents might not be the best person to label you a genius, after all. As said by JIMMY FALLON on his show

“I haven’t seen a president cheer on the Russians this hard since Eisenhower wore the T-shirt, ‘Khrushchev is a Zaddy!’ during the Cuban missile crisis.” STEPHEN COLBERT

That Trump was so eager to be best buds with Putin even as president is something that even Putin found hard to comprehend. Like a young defensive back who approaches Tom Brady for an autograph after a game and says, “Hey, I know I’m on the other team but major fan, don’t tell my coach,'” Trump was like that. T. S. Meyers

As Trump once put it, “Putin always had that smirk on his face when he stood close to Trump like, ‘I can’t believe how simple this is.'” T. S. Meyers

It’s absolutely nuts that Trump can’t stop gushing over a murderous dictator like Putin every chance he gets. Trump describes Putin’s actions as if he were Tony Romo calling the final drive of a playoff game. T. S. Meyers

Best and Funniest Punchlines (Best of the Rest Edition)

While the ceremony itself will be carried live on television, some of the awards will be recorded in advance and shown during the live broadcast. Before the awards are even given out, the announcer will sneeringly add, “And now, the categories nobody cares about.” As said by JIMMY FALLON on his show

Documentary short, makeup, hairstyling, original score, production design, animated short, live action short, sound, and editing will not be broadcast live, which is odd given the importance of editors in filmmaking. That was JIMMY KIMMEL.

If they need to cut down on air time, they can always cut the scene where an actor is defined. As said by JIMMY FALLON on his show

How dare they act like way!” Who among us could ever forget the night in 1975 when Ronald Pierce and Melvin Metcalfe took home the award for best sound on ‘Earthquake.’ A quote by JIMMY KIMMEL

As one critic put it, “I think they should go even further: boil it down to best actor, best actress, and best picture, and we can all get to sleep.” The Late Night Host, Jimmy Kimmel

The Interesting Portions

On Wednesday’s “Tonight Show,” Tracee Ellis Ross competed against Jimmy Fallon in a couple rounds of “Sing it Like.”

Thursday Night’s Most Anticipated Events

Pamela Adlon, star of the cancelled FX series “Better Things,” will appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to discuss the show’s closure.