Late Night Is Wowed by the Senate Actually Doing Something

In order to let you sleep while we get paid to watch humour, we present to you the Best of The Late Night, a recap of the evening’s highlights. Right now, on the Netflix, you may watch any one of these 50 great movies. Late Night Is Wowed by the Senate Actually Doing Something More Information For Reading Below:

Everything Stops in an Instant

On Tuesday, legislation to the permanently establish daylight saving time was approved by the Senate.

During his monologue, Jimmy Kimmel stated, “I am very pleased to be an American tonight.”

Late Night Is Wowed by the Senate Actually Doing Something

‘I’m glad we were able to come to an agreement,’ he added. “May God bless us all, and may the sun never set on Christmas Day at midday again. This is a notion that every reasonable American can get behind.”

“To be honest, I feel like I’ve been waiting for today my entire adult life. Jimmy Kimmel Live!

We may never have to change the clock on the microwave again thanks to today’s unanimous decision in the United States Senate to make daylight saving time permanent. To paraphrase JIMMY KIMMEL:

For years, many politicians have tried to accomplish this goal, but their efforts have been repeatedly rebuffed. JIMMY KIMMEL,

It’s been a long time since the Senate passed anything with 100 percent support. They weren’t able to come together and denounce hate crimes against Asian Americans. In the words of Josh Hawley, “let’s not rush into anything.” JIMMY KIMMEL,

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio authored the legislation. In his opinion, the public is now more aware of the dangers of time-zone flipping because of the “solid science” supporting this theory. I applaud your success, Marco.

And it’s nothing compared to the other things you’ll learn about that are backed up by solid science. It’s going to blow your mind. In other words, “it’s going to be a major deal for you.” JIMMY KIMMEL,

The Most Powerful One-Liners

The Senate voted today to make daylight saving time permanent, and they did it overwhelmingly. Oh yes! When Pfizer revealed they had a vaccine, I don’t think people were this ecstatic. Jimmy Fallon

In fact, my favourite album by Maroon 5 is called the Sunshine Protection Act. James Corden.

“Today, the Senate was silent. Everyone was wondering, ‘What happens now?'” Weird, we’ve never passed a bill before. A quote from Jimmy Fallon:

Yet, all the clocks on the walls proclaimed, “But that’s the only time you ever touch me.” Jimmy Fallon

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Thank For Read Our Article Late Night Is Wowed by the Senate Actually Doing Something. The Senate Voted Overwhelmingly on Tuesday to Make Daylight Saving Time.